CS 101 - Introduction to Computing

Spring 2012

Project 3 - "Do It Yourself Andy Warhol"

Due: April 3, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Andy Warhol is famous for creating silkscreen prints of common images. These prints often had the same image duplicated many times and varied the color used. Examples of these can be seen in the following images:

Some of the above are actual images of Andy Warhol prints while other are done copying his style. An online art musuem at http://www.warhol.org/ or http://www.malarze.walhalla.pl/galeria.php5?art=70]] shows many examples of Andy Warhol's art.

For this homework project, you are to be inspired by Andy Warhol to create a collage of at least 4 different versions of the same original image.

  • At least two of the versions are to be posterizations using different final colors.
  • The other versions of the image can be done in anyway you like as long as they are not the same.
  • The different versions must be displayed in some grid format of at least size of 2x2 pictures.
  • The code for each version must be written in its own method.
For 5 pts Extra Credit, make the grid of a minimum of 6 different pictures.

You are not to hardcode in the image used or the size of the resulting image. You should prompt the user for an image, create and display the collage and allow the user to save the final collage in any filename of their choice.

Programming Style

Your code must be commented and written in good programming style.

Elements of good programming style include:

  • Meaningful Variable Names
  • Proper Indentation of Code
  • Blank Lines between Code Sections
  • Use of Methods
  • In-Line Commenting
  • Header Comment for the File
  • Header Comments for each Method.
The modification of each repeated picture of your final image must be done using different methods.

Project Collaboration

You are allowed to receive help on this project from other students who are also taking CS 101. Each student must still complete and submit his/her own project. You will be required to include a Collaboration Statement somewhere on your project if you receive help. This statement can simply be something like the following:
For this project, I received help from the following member of CS 101.
This statement should list each helping student's name in a comment in the "header comment" of your Java file that includes the main() method.

How assignments should be submitted

Use the link for Project 3 on the Assignments page in the Blackboard site for CS 101.

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