Summary of Homeworks from Fall 2016

For CS 111 students, the homeworks are on Blackboard, because that is where you need to turn them in.

For instructors at other institutions interested in seeing the material, email Prof. Robert Sloan at his last name at

List of the major assignments

  • Lab 1 and Homework 1, Installing the Anaconda distribution of Python and Python basics
  • Homework 2: Basics of Python Functions
  • Homework 3: Caesar cipher encryption and Viginère cipher encryption (and decryption)
  • Homework 4: Finding all the links in web page's source
  • Homework 5: Data analytics on the Supreme Court Database using pandas.
  • Homework 6: A web crawler
  • Homework 7: Network analysis
  • Homework 8: Plotting City of Chicago crime data by Ward, and Predictive Policing

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