CS 335: Book Report Assignment

Book selection

You may choose a book that will be useful for your term paper, or you may choose an entirely different topic for the book report.

See BookList for a long list of suggested books. If you have a strong desire to use a different book, please email me information about the book and why you think it is appropriate.


Your book report should be roughly 1000 words. Please use at least 12 point font and use either wide margins (preferred) or double spacing. Please put a word count for your report on the book report. Remember that writing mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) will count for some of the grade.

Don't try to summarize the whole book. Give an overview of what it's about, then pick a few critical themes or issues and discuss how the author presents them. Analyze and comment; don't just summarize. Tell which points you think are valid and which you don't agree with, and why. Add your own examples, counterexamples, or arguments, if appropriate.

Some books on the book list are general evaluations of computers or technology. Some take one side (pro or anti-technology) and argue it strongly. Read critically. Think about and include counterarguments.

Book selection deadline

Turn in your book selection by noon, Friday, October 5 (end of Week 6 of classes), by posting to the book choice forum for CS 335 on Blackboard. (Meeting the deadline is worth 1 point for the course grade.)

I will limit the number of people reading the same book to two, so if your first choice is a very popular one, you may have to choose another. You have a better chance of acceptance of your first choice if your selection is on time (or early).

Book report deadline

The book report is due to be sumbitted on Blackboard by noon Friday of Week 9, which this term means Friday, October 26, 2012.


The campus library may have some of these books, but in almost all cases, only one copy, and it could be checked out. You can get books that are checked out recalled; it usually takes a week, but it can be signifigantly longer if some really absent-minded professor has the book. You can get almost all these books from Interlibrary Loan (i-Share), which may take a week or more (and you may have to return them after only a week or two). Some of the books are available in local libraries or bookstores. Start early.

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