CS 335 - Presentation

Spring 2013

Students will be required to pair up and lead the class in a discussion or debate. For your topic area I suggest you look at each section's links on the course schedule, the textbook, the current news, as well as a previous text book's associated web site (A Gift of Fire, by Sara Baase).

Your prepared portion of your discussion or debate should last 20 - 25 minutes, including at least 5 minutes at the end for questions / interaction with the class. Part of your discussion/debate grade will be the extent to which your presentation stimulates thought or questions, and your ability to answer questions/challenges given by the class in response to your comments.

• Grading for Discussion or Debate Students should share responsibility for preparation and presentation. For Leading Discussions, everyone in the group will receive the same grade. For Debates, you will be graded individually. You will be graded on a scale of 0 to 4 for each of the following 5 areas:

  1. Interesting. Engages the class and stimulates discussion. Well thought-out questions for the class.
  2. Communicates verbally effectively. (Argues convincingly for debates)
  3. Use of visual aids (overheads, board, web, handouts, etc.)
  4. Understands the issues; Knows the facts, main points, uses supporting cases/scenarios/questions.
  5. Well-prepared; Knows exactly who is doing what in the group; Uses appropriate amount of time, including 5 minutes at the end for interaction with class.
This gives a possible total of 20 points. For each area, a grade of 3 is considered normal, for a "normal" total score of 15. Only truly outstanding performance will get a score higher than a 3 (out of 4) for any of the above 5 areas.
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