CS 362 - Computer Design

Fall 2019

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Group Project Requirements

  • Project_F19.pdf
  • Must work in groups of at least 2 people, but no more than 4 people. Group project should utilize number people x requirements below ( if group of 3 people, then need to use 3 arduino's and a total of 6 different external devices)
  • Make use of at least one arduino (or similar) microcontroller per person in the group.
  • Utilize at least two different external devices (16x2 display, LEDs, pushbuttons, touch sensors, etc) per person in the group.
  • Utilize some communication mechanism (ethernet, bluetooth, serial, etc)
  • Involve some original work - You can find lots of tutorials, how to's, step by step directions for lots of projects. I am fine with you starting with these but some original work MUST be included. If your idea involves original work, but none is implemented, the project will not receive a very good score.

Group Project Milestones

Milestone 1:

Milestone 2: Milestone 3:
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