CS377: Communication and Ethical Issues in Computing

This course discusses ethical, societal, and public-policy issues relating to computing and to computing professionals, and also gives extensive training and practice in oral communication for computing professionals.

Spring Semester 2017

Fall Semester 2015

Instuctor: Prof. Robert Sloan.

Co-Instructor: Cody Cranch

Lecture Section 1: MW 12:0012:50, 220 Stevenson Hall
Lecture Section 2: MW 2:002:50, 312 Lincoln Hall

Lab/Workshop/Speaking Sections:

  • Monday, 3:004:50, 100 Lincoln Hall
  • Tuesday, 3:004:50, 315 Stevenson Hall
  • Wednesday 3:004:50, 100 Lincoln Hall
  • Friday, 12:001:50, 101 Stevenson Hall
  • Friday, 3:004:50, 100 Lincoln Hall
You must be enrolled in one lecture and one lab. You must attend the session that you are enrolled in because there will be frequent graded exercises and required attendance in both lecture and lab, and you will get credit only for attending the one that you are registered in.


CS 377 Syllabus (Updated in November 2015 to reflect tweaking of course grading criteria voted on by class in anonymous Piazza poll in October.)

Examples of currently hot topics (as of mid-August 2015) that might be discussed:

Early Semester To-Do's for Students

  • Do the "Put it in your pocket" assignment (preferably on Tuesday, definitely by Friday) and submit a short reflection. See Homeworks.
  • Obtain the book. (See syllabus).
  • Obtain a clicker if you don't already own one and start bringing it to Lecture as of Wednesday.
  • Do the assigned reading before Wednesday'slectue.
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