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Week 1 Assignment: Keep that Smartphone in Your Pocket

In Quinn Chapter 1, the author describes an experiment where a Rutgers professor had students go without their phones for 48 hours. Some students couldn't do it!

We're going to do something simpler. For one full weekday of Week 1, ideally on Tuesday August 25, while on the El, bus, Metra, sidewalk, passenger seat, or hallways of UIC, keep your smartphone in your pocket (or better yet backpack or other bag).

At the end of the day,please submit a very short written reflection on your experience of using your smartphone a little less and submit it via Blackboard.

Submissions must be made by 11:59 pm Saturday night; I hope most of you will do this Tuesday and write up something brief Tuesday night once you're home for the night (and therefore done), and we can talk about the experience in class Tuesday.

-- Main.sloan - 2015-08-23

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