CS 377 - Communication and Ethical Issues in Computing

Spring 2017 - Homeworks

Contemporary Events Posts on Piazza

  • For full credit you must post at least 2 of these, one every 5 weeks during the first 10 weeks of the course.

  • During the first 5 weeks post as a response to the "Current Events 1" topic, and also choose a topic tag to accompany it. Do the same during weeks 6-10 in the "Current Events 2" topic.

  • Each post must have a title, link, and a summary along with a few thoughts of your own about it.

  • Each post is worth 5% of the final grade (for total of 10%)
Group Presentation
  • Topic selection submitted on Piazza (in the "topic_selection" folder) and approved by Wednesday of 4rd week (5% of the final grade)

  • Full-sentences outline and sources submitted on Piazza (in the "topic_outline" folder) by Wednesday of 5th week (5% of the final grade)

  • Conference with Cody (10% of the final grade)
    • Sign up for Conference at: https://cs377coaching.youcanbook.me/
    • At Conference, your group must have:
      • Everyone be present!!!
      • The bulk of your research completed
      • Presentation material be at least 80% finished
      • An Outline of what your group has gotten done so far
      • An individual summary on what percent each team member has contributed on the above outline items. This is to be done independently by ALL person in the group.
      • Know who is doing what as part of the presentation

  • In-Class Presentation (15% of the final grade)
    • By the end of the day of your presentation, your team must make a public post on Piazza containing a link to your final presentation.
      • Post in the "presentation_final_link" folder in Piazza
    • By the end of the day of your presentation, EACH TEAM MEMBER must make a PRIVATE post on Piazza indicating who in your group did what in your preparation. To do this, you must:
      • Together with your group members make a list of what was done (e.g. research copyright terms, find graphics, make presentation, edit video)
      • Individually make a table indicating what percent of each of those items each group member (including you) did.
      • Create an private post in Piazza (which I can see but the rest of the class can't), where the table has the list of what was done is going down the left side, and your group member names (including your own) going across the top. Each cell in the chart should have the percent each person in the group did, with each row adding up to 100%. If your numbers are evenly divided between everyone I will not accept it and will ask you to redo it. This should be in the Piazza "presentation_who_did_what" folder.
    • Grading of the In-Class Presentation will be based on the following ideas:
      1. Interesting. Engages the class and stimulates discussion. Well thought-out questions for the class.
      2. Communicates verbally effectively. (Argues convincingly for debates) Everyone in your group must participate evenly in the presentation.
      3. Use of visual aids. (overheads, board, web, handouts, etc.)
      4. Understands the issues. Knows the facts, main points, uses supporting cases/scenarios/questions.
      5. Well-prepared. Knows exactly who is doing what in the group; Uses appropriate amount of time, including 5 minutes at the end for interaction with class.
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