Resources for CS 377 Students

  • Many CS 377 topics get extensive newspaper coverage, but the online versions of the newspapers are behind paywalls. This page gives links to search for articles from several major paywalled newspapers, from the UIC Library's access that is provided for free to all UIC students and faculty.
    • Note that this takes you to a database that you will have to search for the specific articles you want, and generally doesn't get articles until about 2 days after they appear in print.
    • Try searching for the June and July 2013 original Snowden revelations about the NSA in the Washington Post or for Angwin's excellent "What do they know" series on corporate surveillance of web and smartphone users in the Wall Street Journal.
    • Above Link Updated in Spring 2017:

Previous 377 Presentation Topics

This list is meant to help you get ideas for your presentation and/or posts.

Reliability, Accountability & Liability:

  • Self Driving Cars
  • Future Autonomous Robots, i.e. Surgical Bots
Freedom of Speech vs Censorship:
  • Online Bullying & Trolling
  • Twitter & Arab Spring
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Videotaping Police Brutality
AI, Automated Algorithms, Machine Learning:
  • High Frequency Tech Trading
  • Google Search Results and Bias
  • Chatbots
  • "Mechanical Turk" & AI Learning
Fraud, Spam & Scams:
  • Types and Ways to Prevent
  • Credit Card Breaches at Major Companies
  • Social Engineering: How to Get People to Give You Their Info
  • Ransomware in Healthcare
Leaks & Whistle blowers:
  • Wikileaks
  • When Itís Illegal but Justified, or Just Plain Wrong
Hackers & Espionage:
  • Stuxnet & International Cyber Warfare (Iran, Russia, etc.)
  • Ethical Hacking: White, Black & Grey Hats
  • Mobile Devices & Stored Private Information (Google Timeline, etc.)
  • When Companies Allow or Prevent the Govít from Breaking Encryption
Big Data Tracking & Collection:
  • How to Stay Anonymous
  • Google Street View & WiFi Sweeping
  • Pattern Analysis: Shopping Habits, Medical Info, Search History
  • Mass Surveillance: Snowden
Copyright Law:
  • Open Source vs Closed Source Software
  • Copyleft
  • The Music Industry
  • How to Make Youtube Vids without Breaking the Law
  • Patent Trolling
Terms & Conditions:
  • Legalese, Ambiguity and Hidden Tricks
Data Permanence:
  • Criminal Records, Nude Pics, etc. & Public Shaming
  • Who Owns All the Data Being Collected & Who Can Sell It?
Digital Divide:
  • Internet of Things

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