Homework Assignments

The below list of homeworks will be completed as the semester progresses.

# Topic Due at 3:30 pm on
1 lots of tools and a simple program Tue, Jan 17
2 a splash screen boot sector Tue, Jan 24
3 Device drivers for console and display Thu, Feb 2
4 mmap: eager and lazy Tue, Feb 14
5 page table magic: deduplication and copy-on-write Tue, Feb 21
  midterm Tue, Mar 7
6 adding threading support to xv6 Thu, Mar 16
7 implementing signals in xv6 Thu, Apr 13
  final in LC F6 May 5, 1-3 pm
The due date is typically firm - individual extensions are not possible as we tend to discuss the solution in class right after the due date. The homework schedule has room for a few extensions that would then apply to the class as a whole.

Possible Bonus Projects and Undergraduate Research/Design Projects

  1. port xv6 to Raspberry Pi 2
  2. port xv6 to 64-bit x86 (AMD64)
  3. port tinycc to xv6
  4. implement USB driver
  5. implement ethernet driver
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