Lecture Recordings and Reading Assignments

# Date Topic Suggested ReadingSorted ascending
9 2/7 modes of mmap operation, and page replacement "man mmap()", OSPP on page replacement
2 1/12 BIOS routines and the boot sector bootasm.S and bootmain.c in source code. OSPP 2.9.
5 1/24 drivers and system calls in the xv6 booklet, follow the code from a userspace printf() all the way to the first character of the string appearing on the screen. system calls start in trapasm.S. OSPP 2.6
4 1/19 xv6 initialization, interrupt handling main(), trap() and functions called by these. OSPP 2.2-2.5
3 1/17 hw2, boot sector programming, gdb, segmented addressing memory addressing modes in OSPP, Ch. 8
1 1/10 Intro to CS385  
14 2/23 midterm discussion, process scheduling  
15 2/28 intro to threads vs. processes  
17 3/28 signals  
18 3/30 hw7, and synchronization  
19 4/4 synchronization wrap-up  
21 4/11 lec21  
22 4/13 lec22  
23 4/18 lec23  
24 4/20 lec24  
25 4/25 lec25  
26 4/27 lec26  
27 ?? lec27  
28 ?? lec28  
11 2/14 hw5 discussion, process switching intro OSPP 4.6
7 1/31 virtual memory contd. OSPP Ch 8
8 2/2 mmap, hw4 and virtual memory stack recap OSPP Ch 8
20 4/6 intro to file systems OSPP on file systems
13 2/21 detailed process switching run-through scheduler(), sched(), swtch.S
16 3/2 midterm review and hw6 see above
10 2/9 dynamic linking this page, Bryant & O'Hallaron (from CS361) 7.10, 7.12
6 1/26 executable, object files, linking review. intro to virtual memory try your own objdump --disassemble and readelf -a on files, try to understand the details. OSPP on page tables and memory management OSPP Ch 8
12 2/16 first process and fork() userinit, sys_fork()

notes from the screen

These are the notes written on the screen during lecture. Hardly lecture notes, but somebody asked for them.

future reading

To read ahead of lecture and be a little better prepared, read the (OSPP) textbook sections in the order below.

  • S 2-2.6
  • S 8-8.3
  • S 9-9.7
  • TBA

Most lectures will be recorded and posted here.

Literature references
OSPP: Operating Systems - Principles and Practice 2/e, Anderson and Dahlin
xv6 rev 8 source code
xv6 commentary
Below is a list of topics to be covered, in tentative order.

Boot, BIOS and Real Mode
OS Initialization and Protected Mode
Processes and Threads
Interrupts / Exceptions and System Calls
Virtual Memory
Context Switching and Scheduling
Concurrency in the Kernel
File Systems and Permanent Storage
Authentication and Access Control
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