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Homework Assignments

Below is a tentative list of homework assignment topics. The list will be finalized as the semester progresses.

Topic Due at 3:30 pm on
Lots of tools and a simple program Tue Sept 2
Ultimate low-level: Boot loader splash screen Tue Sept 9
A kernel-level screen saver Tue Sept 16
mmap(): eager and lazy Tue Sept 23
Paging and page replacement Tue Oct 7
midterm exam Tue Oct 14
Kernel support for multi-threaded processes Tue Oct 28
Basic mutual exclusion implementations Tue Nov 4
/dev/random and /proc file system Tue Nov 18
authentication and protection subsystems Thu Dec 4
final exam Fri Dec 12
Below are tentative homework concepts, random order. I will also entertain requests.

VFS - mounting file systems dynamically  
File system implementation - ext2 or FAT?  
Sound card device driver  
User Space Access to Graphics  
Kernel module system  
Signals + Real-Time Clock Access  
A Fair Process Scheduler  
Multi-TTY implementation  

The due date is typically firm - individual extensions are not possible as we tend to discuss the solution in class right after the due date.

Bonus Projects

Topic Due Date
Port xv6 to x86-64 architecture last day of class
Port tcc (tiny c compiler) to xv6 last day of class
Basic USB character or block device driver last day of class
Network stack (ethernet driver, basic IP and TCP implementations) last day of class

Credit for bonus projects is not pre-determined - will be judged on a case by case basis. Ranging from no credit to full class credit depending on presentation, demonstrated depth of understanding, and project difficulty.

Also, if you do well here, I will enthusiastically assist you in your job search or graduate school application process.

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