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What are code reviews?

Code reviews are the peer review of source code in order to improve the quality of the code and the programmer's skills. For us, we'll be focused more on improving skills since usually our homework assignments will never see the light of day.

How do these thinks work?

Typically you get in a room with a few fellow programmers and walk through your code with a focus on either finding bugs or on refactoring the code to be more readable, terse, simpler, etc...

What do you need from me?

I would like each person to show up with at least one or two questions about coding style or things they have been confused about in C/programming in general. Again, this is not homework assignment specific so I would prefer not to have questions like "Whats wrong with my pipe implementation for the shell assignment?" A good question would be something like "I'm writing code like this in C but it feels clunky and wrong, is there a better way to do it?"

Where is it?

We'll meet in the BITS lab (ERF 2054) where Dr Eriksson and I work.


Wed. Feb 15 (3-4pm): Alan R. Krystian C. XXX
Thurs. Feb 16 (5-6pm) X XXXX
Wed. Feb 22 (3-4pm): Joseph S. OPENOPEN OPEN X
Thurs. Feb 23 (5-6pm) Andrew S.Sidd S.Andrew L. OPEN X

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