Homework 0

Your Subversion Repository

Each student taking this class has his/her own subversion repository on svn://bits.cs.uic.edu.

The URL of your repository has the following form:


By now, you should have received an email containing the username and password you should use to access this repository. If you do not have received an email with subversion username and password, please contact me immediately. It means I do not know you are taking my class and that you will not receive announcements or be graded.

Please do not share your password with anybody else, including other students or the TA or myself.

You can use your repository as you see fit. However, you must follow the following directory structure:

Accessing the repository

Under Ubuntu (see homework 1), you can use the 'svn' command to access your repository. Use 'man svn' or 'svn help' to get more information on how to use this command.

GUI clients and clients for other operating systems exist as well, and you are free to use those if you wish. However, I would encourage you to get familiar with the 'svn' command as a thorough understanding of how to use this command will help safe you time while completing the other homework assignments.

|   |
|   +-- homework0
|   +-- homework1
|      ...

It is recommended to commit your code/progress in the appropriate homework directory, even before the homework is finished. That way, you have a backup in case something goes wrong with your VM.

Please check the page for each homework for details on what exactly to hand in.

Shared repository

There is also a shared repository to which everybody in the class has read and write access.

The URL of this repository is:


The same access credentials used for your personal repository are valid for the shared repository as well.

Homework 0 Assignment

Your task is to create the directory structure (exactly as outlined above, including capitalization) in your repository.

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