Homework and Exam Schedule

Homeworks marked (DRAFT) are close to being finalized, but subject to change until the marking is removed. Feel free to get started, but expect to have to make some changes later on.

  Due 2 pm on...
1. VMWare, Subversion and a Simple Web Client 1/24
2. Roll-Your-Own Multi-Threaded Web Server 2/5
3. Talking to the Domain Name System 2/21
Midterm on 2/28  
4. An event-based BitTorrent client 3/12
5. Reliable transport over an unreliable link 3/21
6. High-performance transport over an unreliable link 11:59 PM 4/5
7. Roll-Your-Own Router: Forwarding Packets 4/18
8. Roll-Your-Own Router II: Bufferbloat 4/30
Final sometime the week of May 6  

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