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Midterm Poll

It's only fair that I get a midterm evaluation as well, so here goes. Make your choices, and then click OK. You may vote any number of times, but only your last vote will be counted.

%VOTE{ id="cs450f09midterm" submit="off" select1="Homeworks are" options1="Too easy,Too hard,Just right, Easy but too time-consuming" stars2="Review of homework solutions usefulness" width2="10" stars3="Lecture style beats Powerpoint slides " width3="10" stars4="Lecture style beats whiteboard lectures " width4="10" stars5="Video recording usefulness" width5="10" select6="Course speed is" options6="Too slow,Too fast,Just right" select7="The grading scheme is" options7="Helpful,Stupid,Just confusing,None of the above" select8="I would like more" options8="Prepared slides,Live demos,Command line,Theory lectures,None of the above" global="on" }%


Don't forget to submit a rating to RateMyProfessor once you've formed your own opinion. I also post my teaching evals, but this one is more fun.

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