Recommended Development Environment with VMWare/Ubuntu 9.04

All the homeworks will require a working Linux development environment. OS X is also possible, but it is recommended to test your program on Linux to make sure. It will be graded in a Linux environment. Some homeworks will also require administrative access to such an environment, which means you have to have it on your own computer.

For the smoothest homework experience, use VMWare (license details to be provided over email):


and install Ubuntu Desktop 9.04 in a new VM (with default settings):

in addition, you will need to install subversion. To install this, open a terminal in your VM, and type:

sudo apt-get install subversion

The password is whatever password you set when installing ubuntu. You will also need a good programming editor. Use your favorite, or go with the popular "Eclipse"

sudo apt-get install eclipse

you may want to install the C/C++ plugin for eclipse (see software updates in the eclipse menu system).

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