CS450 - Introduction to Networking

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  Due 3 pm on
Homework 9 - parsing packet dumps 11/14
Homework 8 - who are the 'big fish' on the Internet? 10/24
Homework 7 - round-trip times with PlanetLab 10/17
Homework 6 - reliable transport with multiple outstanding packets 10/10
Homework 5 - reliable transport over an unreliable link 10/3
Homework 4 - asynchronous multi-client communication with select() 9/19
Homework 3 - the domain name system 9/12
Homework 2 - a home-brew web server. 9/6 (due to labor day)
Homework 10 - a web crawler 11/28
Homework 1 - VMWare, Subversion and a simple web client 8/29

HINT: you can check out some handy example code from svn://cs450.cs.uic.edu/pub/examples

Lecture Recordings

Application Layer

Lecture 1 Introduction to CS450
Lecture 2 Subversion, socket programming, and homework 1
Lecture 3 Internet core principles
Lecture 4 Socket programming, hw1 / hw2
Lecture 5 Application models - client/server, distributed
Lecture 6 Application models - peer to peer
Lecture 7 Domain Name System, hw3
Lecture 8 Distributed Hash Table with Chord

Transport Layer

Lecture 9 hw3/4, start of transport layer
Lecture 10 reliable transport over an unreliable link
Lecture 11 reliable transport performance (timeout estimation)
Lecture 12 hw4 and reliable transport performance (pipelining)
Lecture 13 hw5 and reliable transport performance (pipelining)
Lecture 14 connection management in TCP
Lecture 15 congestion control in TCP
Lecture 16 flow control in TCP, and alternatives
Lecture 17 error correcting codes

Network Layer

Lecture 18 introduction to the network layer
Lecture 19 planetlab, latex, and hw7
Lecture 20 more on hw7, and internet addressing
Lecture 21 IP addressing and forwarding
Lecture 22 Internet structure, autonomous systems, hw8
Lecture 23 Special use addresses, ICMP
Lecture 24 ARP and DHCP
Lecture 25 Network Address Translation
Lecture 26 Routing: Link State and Distance Vector Protocols
Lecture 27 Routing: Adapting to Change, RIP and OSPF
Lecture 28 Policy routing on the Internet with BGP
Lecture 29 Brief hw9 discussion, midterm 2 solutions (not recorded)
Lecture 30 Hands-on with firewalls, NAT and tunneling
  IPv6 and v4/v6 Transition Methods (no recording due to recording mishap)
Lecture 32 Mobile IP, Multicasting
Lecture 33 Performance Fairness, Concepts and Enforcement

Link Layer

Lecture 34 Intro to the Link Layer
Lecture 35 Medium Access Control, Ethernet
Lecture 36 Switches, Wireless Communication
Lecture 37 IEEE 802.11 / WiFi

Physical Layer

Lecture 38 Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
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