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Spring 2014

How to turn in your projects

Dear all,

In this semester, to turn in your projects you should set up a web page with several pages describing your work, including the well-commented source code and required files. You should then email me with the location of this website before the deadline.

These webpages should include:

1 page with links to the source code and any instructions necessary to install and run it.

1 page on the descriptions of team members' duties and discussions.

1 page for the design report if it is required.

1 page for the program critique if it is required.

You can use Google Sites which is a free template and you are free to use others. Here are some examples of my work. https://sites.google.com/site/cs424f12proj1/home https://sites.google.com/site/cs422sp13project1/home

In the case you do not want anyone on the internet can access your webpages, you can change the visibility to share them only with me and Prof. Troy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at cma6@uic.edu.

My office hours: TR 11 - 12, 1306 SEO.



Programming Projects

  • Programming Project 1 CS342Proj1.pdf: Draw Poker - Due: 2/11/14
  • Programming Project 2 CS342Proj2.pdf: Mine Sweeper - Due: Friday 2/28/14
  • Programming Project 3 proj3s14.pdf: Sliding Block Puzzles - Due: Friday 3/21/2014
  • Programming Project 4 and 5
    • Group Members Posted - Due: Tuesday 4/8/2014 by 11:59pm
    • Project 4 - Due: Thursday 4/17/14 by 11:59pm
    • Design Report for Project 5 - Due: Tuesday 4/22/14 by 11:59pm
    • Project 5 - Due: Tuesday 4/29/14 by 11:59pm

Design Report

Design Report Template is available here

  • Design Report 1: Due 2/18/14 (One week after Project 1)
  • Design Report 2: Due 3/7/14 (One week after Project 2)
  • Design Report 3: Due 4/4/14 (One week after Project 3)

Programming Project Critiques

  • Critique for Project 2 needs to be submitted by 3/21/2014 by 4pm.
  • Critique for Project 3 is to be submitted by Thursday, 4/17/2014 by class time.
Critique Description can be found here

Steps to performing the Critique are:

  1. Give access to your code and Design Document to the group critiquing your program.
  2. Receive access for the code and Design Document from the group you are critiquing.
  3. Review the code and design document of the group.
  4. Meeting with your partner to discuss and write critique.
  5. Submit a HARDCOPY of your group's critique during class.
Critiques will be done on Projects 2 and 3

-- Main.troy - 2014-01-24

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