Constitution of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association

Effective August 2009

Article 1 - Name:
The name of this organization shall be: Computer Science Graduate Student Association, CSGSA for short.

Article 2 - Mission:
1. Academic support: To improve the study and work situations of Computer Science(CS) graduate students through the organization of workshops and seminars and to actively promote scientific dialogue.
2. Community building: To encourage communication, networking and mentoring among students, faculty and staff through the organization of social events.
3. Graduate student life support: To support and encourage involvement in the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) graduate student life through the dissemination of information about resources and opportunities within the CS department and the general UIC body.

Article 3 - Membership Requirements:
● Active Members: Active members of the CSGSA are all currently registered graduate students of the CS department at UIC. CSGSA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, or national origin.
● Passive Members: Passive Members of the CSGSA are all CSGSA alumni. Upon graduation, the active members do not lose their membership benefits, except for their voting rights.

Article 4 - Officers:
This organization shall have four elected officers. They are:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
● The officers have to be active members of the CSGSA.
● The officers can appoint an arbitrary number of counselors, to assist them in their activities.
● Term of Office: The term of office of each elected officer is the academic year. Elections shall be held at the end of the Spring semester and power will be transferred to the new officers then so the new team can prepare for the coming academic year. If an officer graduates or retires from office during an academic year, the remaining officers appoint a replacement officer.
● Duties of officers:
The President calls and leads the meetings of the CSGSA. S/he represents the graduate students' interests in administrative matters. S/he is the primary contact for the Director of Graduate Studies. The President shall also be available for the academic year following her/his term to advise the new officers (upon request). The Vice-President leads the CSGSA in the absence of the President. S/he assists the president as needed. S/he is responsible for ensuring that organized events are implemented smoothly. The Secretary takes minutes at meetings, sends out newsletters and other communications, and assists the other officers as needed. The Treasurer manages the budget and submits a report to the Computer Science department at the end of the semester.

Article 5 - Elections:
● Elections shall be held in April for the upcoming academic year.
● All active members may run for one and only one office. If a member has been nominated for two offices, s/he has to decide before the election which office s/he will run for. Exception: No person may hold the office of president for more than 2 consecutive years.
● If for a specific office only one member has been nominated and decided to run, s/he is considered elected. For this office no election will be held.
● Procedure: All active members may vote in an election. The candidate with the most votes is elected. If a tie is reached, both members can become co-officers, if they agree on that. Otherwise, a runoff election is held exclusively for that office between only the tied candidates.
● Election officers: The elections shall be organized by two election officers who are chosen at a CSGSA meeting. They must be active members. Election officers may not run for office in the election they are administering. It is recommended that election officers are not current officers and that they do not receive an appointed position for the academic year following the election.

Article 6 - Meetings:
● Regular meetings of the CSGSA shall be held at least twice a semester: at the beginning and at the end. Additional meetings can be called any time upon request by any member to the President. Invitations to the meetings shall be sent via email to the CSGSA's mailing list.
● Quorum shall be everybody in attendance at such a meeting; simple majority shall suffice for all decisions.

Article 7 - Advisor:
● The advisor of the CSGSA shall be a full-time faculty or academic staff member of the CS department at UIC.
● The advisor shall mediate between administration and graduate student body in case of conflicts and provide guidance for the students.

Article 8 - Committees:
The CSGSA has no standing committees. Officers are encouraged to form committees as needed.

Article 9 - Dues:
The CSGSA does not collect any dues.

Article 10 - Handling of funds:
● The CSGSA is directly supported by the Computer Science Department at UIC.
● The CSGSA is an official UIC registered Student Organization and gets limited financial support via Campus Programs.

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