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CSGSA has four elected offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, their is one office of Webmaster, who is the voluntary officer directly nominated for the job.

1. President

  • Oversee the activities of CSGSA and provide direction, motivation, and impetus.
  • Generally look out for the good of the graduate students in the department.

2. Vice President

  • Assist the President in coordinating activities.
  • Serves as President during the absence or disability of the President.
  • Serves as representative to Graduate Student Council (GSC). He/she has to attend all the meetings of GSC.

3. Secretary

  • Organize and take minutes for CSGSA meeting.
  • Maintain official documents of the organization.

4. Treasurer

  • Prepare annual budget, handle finances and reimbursements for special events.
  • Has final responsibility, along with the President, for the distribution of all CSSA funds.

5. Webmasters

  • Build and Maintain CSGSA website.
  • Maintain an electronic mailing list and an electronic directory of members of the CSGSA.


CSGSA has three committees,
1) Academic Affairs Committee, and
2) Social Events and Student/Faculty Interactions Committee.
3) Women in CS ( WiCS) Committee

The purpose of these committees is to provide a wider and very flexible platform for students to work together on various academic and social issues concerning graduate students. Few important points regarding the committees are:

  1. The participation in the committees are voluntary by the students. The participation can be of various degrees from sharing ideas to executing various activities/events of the committees.
  2. All the officials are default members of each committee.
  3. Each committee elects their own Team Coordinater by first month of the fall semester.
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