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The Web Conference (WWW2018) Paper (from ACM Library) Photo Department News (April 2018)
Distinguished Researcher of the Year (Natural Sciences and Engineering)
Invitation UIC News Photo (February 2018)
IBM Research Prize winner for instance matching (October 2017)
Two papers at
UrbanGIS 2017 (October 2017)
Iman Mirrezaei defends his PhD thesis successfully (August 2017)
Data scientist wins award to develop malaria monitoring platform
UIC Press Release (June 2017)
Seminar - Juan F. Sequeda: "Integrating Relational Databases with the Semantic Web"
(November 2015)
Visit by ADVIS alumn Venkat Raghavan to CS586 and the ADVIS Lab as part of the IBM Watson visit to UIC (October 2015)
AgreementMakerLight: (again) best ontology matching system at OAEI! (October 2015)
The ADVIS Lab has four presentations at ISWC: two at the Voila! Workshop and two at the Ontology Matching Workshop (October 2015)
Keynote at NSF funded workshop at the University of Michigan (October 2015)
UIC CS Data Science Curriculum: Introduction to Data Science course to be offered for the first time in Spring of 2016! (September 2015)
UIC CS Data Science Curriculum: Data and Web Semantics graduate course is offered for the 11th time!(August 2015)
Congratulations to PhD student Iman Mirrezaei for best paper at Know@LOD: The Triplex Approach for Recognizing Semantic Relations from Noun Phrases, Appositions, and Adjectives (July 2015)
Isabel Cruz gives keynote talk at the 8th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science titled "Big Data Integration to Enable Citizen Participation in Smart Cities" (June 2015)
Ning Ai and Isabel Cruz give talk at the Great Cities Institute titled "Neighborhood-based Sustainable Food Waste Management" (May 2015)
Three undergraduate students receive NSF REU scholarships to work over the summer on the NSF CyberSEES and Visual Analytics projects: Manasa Bandapalle, Stephen Selke, and Akhil Thuthika (May 2015)
Isabel Cruz gives talk at the Urban Data Analytics/City of Chicago SmartData Platform Workshop at the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago titled "You Cannot Take the Data Integration out of the Analytics (Nor Can You Take the Analytics out of the Data Integration)" (May 2015)
Paper by PhD student Iman Mirrezaei gets accepted (full paper) at the Know@LOD Workshop: "The Triplex Approach for Recognizing Semantic Relations from Noun Phrases, Appositions, and Adjectives" (April 2015)
Meeting between the CyberSEES team and top representatives from the City of Chicago featuring presentations of WindyGrid (by Tom Schenk, CDO, City of Chicago) and of GIVA (Isabel Cruz, UIC) (March 2015)
Isabel Cruz attends NetApp University Day in Sunnyvale, CA (February 2015)
Isabel Cruz becomes Associate Editor of ACM TOIT (January 2015)
Our paper Pay-As-You-Go Multi-User Feedback Model for Ontology Matching is presented by Matteo Palmonari at EKAW in Sweden (November 2014)
Isabel Cruz gives a Civic Engagement talk at the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at UIC (October 2014)
AgreementMakerLight is again first at OAEI (September 2014)
Riccardo Porrini, a PhD student from the U. of Milano-Bicocca, is visiting the ADVIS Lab for the Fall semester (August 2014)

Tais Bellini from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil is visiting the ADVIS Lab funded by an undergraduate scholarship from the CAPES/CNPq (May-August 2014)
Three of UIC's best undergraduate students: Lakulish Gandhi, Eson Musabelliu, and Taleb Omar are REU NSF recipients working on the CyberSEES project and the Visual Analytics project (May-August 2014)
ICDE 2014 (March-April 2014)
Great Cities Institute Scholar Award (2014-2015) (February 2014)
Mattteo Palmonari from U. of Milan-Bicocca visits the ADVIS Lab for one month to collaborate on the NSF CyberSEES project (January 2014)
Update: "GIVA: A Semantic Framework for Geospatial and Temporal Data Integration, Visualization, and Analytics" received the Best Demonstration Paper Award at the ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013 Conference (November 2013)
Devina Dhawan in the news (October 2013)
AgreementMakerLight is a resounding success at OAEI 2013 ( final results) (October 2013)
Our second paper on GIVA "Semantic Extraction of Geographic Data from Web Tables for Big Data Integration" has been accepted to the GIR '13 workshop (October 2013)
Data Integration for Urban Metabolism (September 2013)
Our demo paper "GIVA: A Semantic Framework for Geospatial and Temporal Data Integration, Visualization, and Analytics" has been accepted to the ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013 Conference (September 2013)
Francesco Loprete from U. of Milan-Bicocca starts a six month visit to the ADVIS Lab (August 2013)
New results for NSF Award "Visual Analytics for Ontology Matching" (August 2013)
Big Data Integration to Enable Citizen Participation in Smart Cities (July 2013)
Isabel Cruz gives talk at Microsoft Research (June 2013)
ICDE 2014 Web site (June 2013)
International Symposium on the Design of Urban Systems of the Future (May 2013)
Visit of Tina Eliassi-Rad (May 2013)
Anna Anderson and Matt Dumford join the ADVIS Lab as NSF REU recipients (April 2013)
Launching of AgreementMakerLight at SOMER meeting, University of Lisbon (April 2013)
Isabel Cruz made associate editor of ACM Trans. on Spatial Algorithms and Systems (March 2013)
Isabel Cruz receives ACM Recognition of Service Award (February 2013)
REU-recipient Devina Dhawan receives Scholarship for Service, CyberCorps (January 2013)
AgreementMaker still at the top! (December 2012)
WISE 2012 (November 2012)
ACM SIGPATIAL GIS 2012 (November 2012)
Invited talk at Chesapeake Large-Scale Analytics Conference (October 2012)
Moving Objects Databases for Exploration of Virtual and Real Environments (September 2012)
ODBASE 2012 (September 2012)
Alessio Fabiani and Matteo Palmonari present paper on an automatically configurable architecture for ontology matching using machine learning techniques at ESWC 2012 (May 2012)
Four students graduate from the ADVIS Lab: Rigel Gjomemo (PhD), Joel Booth (PhD), Federico Caimi (MS Thesis), Alessio Fabiani (MS Thesis) (May 2012)
Isabel Cruz and Cosmin Stroe give demo of an interactive ontology matching system at ICDE 2012 (March 2012)
Isabel Cruz gives Reginald Golledge Distinguished Lectureship at UCSB "Big Data in Geographic Information Science Panel 2012" (February 2012)
UIC Area of Excellence Award: Building Urban Resilience and Sustainability (BURST): Integrating Adaptive Infrastructure Systems with Institutional and Ecological Functions (January 2012)
Interview: "Complexity of simple answers" (December 2011)
NSF features research by Isabel Cruz and Rigel Gjomemo "Computer Scientists Advance Secure Emergency Response Systems"(November 2011)
Isabel Cruz is the General Chair of ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS (November 2011)
AgreementMaker is again the best ontology matching system at OAEI (October 2011)
Isabel Cruz is Program Chair of IDEAS 2011 (September 2011)
The ADVIS Lab welcomes Alessio Fabiani (visiting from "La Sapienza") and welcomes back Matteo Palmorari (from Milano-Bicocca) and Federico Caimi (graduate student at UIC) (August 2011)
New project on Visual Analytics for Ontology Matching (July 2011)
AgreementMaker on Linked Open Data Paper at IJCAI LHD-11 (July 2011)
Catia Pesquita visits the ADVIS Lab (July 2011) Invited Talk
Isabel Cruz receives the University of Illinois Faculty Scholar Award (June 2011)
Rigel Gjomemo receives the Outstanding TA Award (May 2011)
The AgreementMaker system is first in matching biomedical ontologies (November 2010)
The ADVIS Lab welcomes Matteo Palmonari and Michele Caci (August 2010)
The ADVIS Lab is now on twitter (July 2010)
Isabel Cruz delivers keynote talk at the IV Alberto Mendelzon Workshop on Foundations of Data Management (May 2010) Slides
The AgreementMaker ontology matching system ranks high among peers (October 2009) Paper
Postdoc Angela Maduko joins the ADVIS lab (July 2009)
Isabel Cruz named general chair of the 2011 ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS conference (June 2009)
Isabel Cruz receives Great Cities Institute Faculty Scholar award (April 2009)
Launch of (December 2008)
NSF grant on schema and ontology matching (August 2008)
List of NSF ITR publications (August 2008)
AgreementMaker in the OAEI 2007 campaign
Call for participation: ACM GIS 2007
Program chair of ISWC 2006
UIC teaching award
AP2PC 2004 (New York)
COE faculty research award
National Academies Mapping Science committee
Invited talk on semantic data integration
Undergraduate research
Feihong and Lu win TA prizes
Tutorial at Supercomputing 2002
Invited talk at GIScience 2002
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