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ADVIS Lab: the AgreementMaker ontology matching system ranks high among peers

The Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) aims to improve the work on ontology alignment (or matching), which is fundamental for semantic data integration. Every year since 2004, a competition organized by OAEI takes place where state of the art ontology matching systems compete. The systems are compared in terms of precision, recall, and F-measure.

The ADVIS Lab directed by Professor Isabel Cruz decided to take on the challenge and participated this year with the AgreementMaker system for ontology matching. The team also included Flavio Palandri Antonelli (MS student), Cosmin Stroe (undergraduate student), Ulas Keles (PhD student), and Angela Maduko (postdoc). AgreementMaker incorporates several matching methods (including a method that uses knowledge in the biomedical domain) and places significant emphasis on the evaluation of the quality of the obtained alignments.

AgreementMaker ranked second among ten systems in the anatomy track whose objective is to find mappings between the ontologies describing the mouse adult anatomy published by the Mouse Gene Expression Database Project (2744 classes) and the human anatomy published by the National Cancer Institute (3304 classes). In addition to this remarkable performance, AgreementMaker was first in the number of detected non-trivial correspondences.

AgreementMaker also participated successfully in two other tracks: benchmarks and conference. In the former track, AgreementMaker was ranked first in terms of precision and seventh in terms of recall among thirteen systems and in the latter track AgreementMaker was ranked first with the highest F-measure (57%) at a threshold of 75% among seven competing systems.

This work has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation under Awards ITR IIS-0326284, IIS-0513553, and IIS-0812258. Work on AgreementMaker can be found in the publications page of the ADVIS Lab.

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