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Jakob Eriksson, my husband (bad hair day)
Luc Devroye, my father (usual hair day)
Extended family

Post-doctoral Associates

Dr. Meysam Asadi (Ph.D. U Hawaii, 2016)
Dr. Ahmad Salim (Ph.D. ASU, 2016)
Dr. Pawan Setlur (Ph.D. Villanova University, 2010) At UIC July 2011 -- January 2013. Now at AFRL and Wright State.

Ph.D. students

Gregory Schmit (Fall 2018)
Siyao Li (Summer 2018)
Yeqi Wei (Summer 2018)
Kenneth Palacio-Baus (Fall 2016)
Konstantin Muranov (part-time, Spring 2011)

Former students

Narueporn Nartasilpa (Ph.D. 05/2019)
Sara Shahi (Ph.D., 07/2018, now a Senior Research Engineer at Qualcomm)
Zohreh Ovaisi (Master's, 08/2018, now Ph.D. student in UIC's CS department)
Alex Dytso (Ph.D., 05/2016, now postdoc at Princeton)
Yanying Chen (Ph.D., 10/2015, now at FICO)
Diana Maamari (Ph.D., 03/2015, co-advised with Daniela Tuninetti), now at Huawei)
Stefano Rini (advisor is Daniela Tuninetti). (Ph.D. 11/2010, now Assistant Professor at National Chiao-Tung University)
Yiwei Song (Ph.D. 09/2013, formerly at SanDisk, now at A9)
Zhiyu Cheng (Ph.D. 03/2014, formerly Freescale, NXP, Xilinx, now Baidu)

Collaborators and co-authors

Professor Vahid Tarokh, my Ph.D. supervisor
Professor Daniela Tuninetti
Professor Besma Smida
Professor Petar Popovski
Professor Masoud Sharif
Professor Andreas F. Molisch
Professor Neelesh B. Mehta
Professor Patrick Mitran
Dr. Raymond Yim
Professor H.T. Kung
Professor Sae-Young Chung
Professor Hideki Ochiai
Dr. Toshiaki Koike-Akino
Dr. Oh-soon Shin
Professor Ekram Hossain
Dr. Saeed S. Ghassemzadeh
Professor Mai Vu
Sang-Woon Jeon
Dr. Sang-Joon Kim
Dr. Won-Yong Shin
Professor Ioannis Krikidis
Professor John Thompson
Dr. Alireza Attar
Professor Andrea Goldsmith
Dr. Matthew Nokleby
Professor Bobak Nazer

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