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Financial Aid

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Financial aid is always a major consideration for most applicants. It is available at UIC to incoming students in the form of assistantships and fellowships. Our policy is that we will only offer financial aid to full-time PhD students. Only in a few exceptional cases, financial aid will be offered to Master's students. Application for financial aid (Application for Graduate Appointment), statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation are required.

Formats of Financial Aid

There are several different forms of financial aid available to graduate students.

UIC University Fellowship is the most prestigious (and most competitive) form of financial aid. Nominations for University Fellowships are submitted by the ECE Department to the Graduate College by the end of January, which implies that your application must be complete and ready for processing by January 1 for Fall admission.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are responsible for grading and staffing laboratory sections of undergraduate ECE courses. Approximately 15 entering graduate students receive Teaching Assistantships each year. Decisions about the Teaching Assistant positions for new students for the Fall semester is made about the middle of February. For full consideration for a TA position, your application must be complete and ready for processing by the end of January. All foreign applicants from non-English speaking countries are required to pass the Test for Spoken English (TSE) or an equivalent test from our university known as SPEAK test. The minimum required score is 50. This requirement is not satisfied by the TOEFL examination.

Research Assistants (RAs) assist faculty in funded research projects. Research assistantship is awarded by an individual faculty member. The decision is based on an applicant's qualifications and faculty's project needs. Strong candidates with research experience should contact individual faculty member after they have been admitted. Prior to admission, faculty members do not have access to applicants' transcripts, recommendation letters, and other application materials.

Graduate assistantships (GAs) are available on campus to continuing students. There are various sources at UIC including the medical school, the business school, the library, and other departments in the college of engineering that provide financial support to continuing students. If you are interested in a GA position, pay attention to those announcements on campus after you arrive at UIC.

Tuition and Fee Waivers (TFWs) are available on a competitive basis to continuing graduate students.

Procedure to Apply for Financial Aid

The first step is to submit your application for admission following the procedure described in the Procedure to Apply for Admission to the ECE Graduate Program. After that, applicants seeking financial aid should complete the downloadable Application for Graduate Appointment. PhD applicants must upload the Application for Graduate Form and statement of purpose to the links called Graduate Appointment App and Statement of Purpose.

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