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Professor Danilo Erricolo Takes Over Editor-in-Chief Position for IEEE Journal

By David Staudacher, UIC

ECE_Erricolo.jpg ECE’s faculty members have held dozens of editorial positions with prominent engineering research journals. Professor Danilo Erricolo has held half a dozen editorships with journals, which are intended to further the progress of science by reporting new research. At the beginning of August, Erricolo added another notch to the department’s accomplishments as he started his appointment as the editor-in-chief of the “IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation” journal. The term of the position is for three years, and it can be renewed once for a maximum of six years of consecutive service.

The “IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation” is the premier journal in the world that publishes novel research on the topic of antennas and propagation. The total number of submissions exceeds 3,000 manuscripts annually. In 2015, the journal was ranked second out of 347 publications available at IEEE Xplore for the number of downloads.

In this role, Erricolo will be taking on a copious amount of responsibilities, which include making the final decision on editorial matters. With more than 3,000 manuscript submissions per year, he is going to have his hands full. Luckily, he won’t be taking on this challenge alone.

“The editor-in-chief manages the editorial aspects of the publication under a peer review process in order to publish high-quality articles consistent with accepted IEEE standards and the scope of subject areas approved for the publication,” said Erricolo. “I will receive help from an editorial assistant and I will delegate responsibility, as necessary, for various publication activities to other editors of the publication, but retain ultimate responsibility for the editorial process. In my case, this means that I am responsible for nominating the editorial board, which will consists of more than 60 experts from all over the world.”

Additionally, he will assure that a procedure is in place to resolve any editorial or peer review challenges, which refers to dealing with rebuttal of editorial decisions by the authors and dealing with plagiarism.

“I will examine the comments of the referees and exercise my best judgment, in the light of their recommendations, on whether or not to publish,” said Erricolo. “Reviewers’ comments and annotated articles are normally returned to the author in any case. I will assure the anonymity of the referees is protected during the review process, too.”

When he is not working on the journal, Erricolo is teaching or working on research as the director of the “Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory” at UIC.

“My area of research is mainly in electromagnetic scattering, which deals with the quantitative description of how electromagnetic waves propagate, especially after they bounce into obstacles,” said Erricolo. “There are plenty of applications of electromagnetic scattering, but for practical purposes probably the most important is in the design of antennas. There would be no wireless communications without antennas, hence the area of research I work on is one of the enablers of radio communications, televisions, cellular communications, radar systems, remote sensing, satellite communication and what is currently referred to the ‘Internet of Things.’ Hence, the title of the journal "Transactions on Antennas and Propagation" contains two important words - antennas and propagation - that are very closely related to the research I do at UIC.”

Learn more about the professor’s history of service with IEEE, additional journal editorial positions, and his research at

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