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Congratulation to ECE Assistant Professor Jingjing Li and Associate Professor Danilo Erricolo on receiving the Vice Chancellor for Research Areas of Excellence Award for $20,000

Metamaterials for Microwave Cancer Therapy and Bio-imaging

Principal Investigators:

  • Jingjing Li, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Danilo Erricolo, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Summary: In recent years, microwave-based thermal ablation for tumor treatment has attracted a lot of interest because of its minimum invasion and side effects. To achieve the best results with the least damage to the healthy tissue around the tumors, the microwave beam should be tightly focused; however, current applicators based on conventional microwave devices suffers from diffraction and the size of the focus spot is too large for tumors that are often a few centimeters in size. The PIs will explore the feasibility of utilizing metamaterials to fabricate microwave lenses with a very sharp focus, for the purpose of cancer therapy. Metamaterials are artificial materials not found in nature, which exhibit unusual physical properties. They are characterized by a negative value of either their electric permittivity (dielectric constant), or magnetic permeability, or both. In recent years, these synthetic materials have attracted considerable attention from the electronic industry, and notably from the Department of Defense. However, their possible applications to the biomedical field are still in infancy. The possibility of achieving a very sharp focal spot with this type of lenses has already been theoretically established. At the end of this Phase 1 grant, the PIs will provide deterministic arguments on the feasibility of the idea and expect to present one or more conceptual prototypes of metamaterial-based devices for thermal treatment of cancer or other biomedical applications. They will also propose a detailed plan to manufacture such devices. The current members of the team are scientists in metamaterials and electromagnetics. They expect to add 2-3 more faculty members with background in cancer treatment and bio-imaging for a Phase II proposal. With this internal support the PIs envision attracting future extramural support for development and technology commercialization.

Total OVCR Funding: $20,000

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