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Congratulations to ECE Assistant Professor Wenjing Rao who just received the prestigious CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation for $450K

"CAREER: Towards the Future of Reliable and Scalable Nanoelectronic Systems".


Future systems based on nanoscale transistors will offer significant boosts in information gathering and processing capabilities. However, the reliability and scalability challenges mandate a transformation in the system-level approaches. A number of fundamental assumptions will change with nanoscale transistors: the fabrication processes will be highly defective due to the random nature of nanoscale self-assembly; system reliability cannot be guaranteed in the field because nanoscale transistors are extremely susceptible to intermittent faults; system scalability demands the interconnection between components to be strictly localized.

This research aims at forming a new paradigm to construct reliable and scalable nanosystems, which will open up new application domains currently held back by the size and power limit. This research focuses on three life-span stages of future nanosystems: (1) defects discovered during manufacturing are treated through chip reconfiguration; (2) dynamic faults are treated in the field with built-in redundant elements under the strict constraint of local interconnections. The approaches and analysis for these two stages will provide guidance for the (3) system design stage.

This CAREER project includes a strong educational component for undergraduate students to participate in a number of competition projects to gain research experiences. These projects are also joined by graduate students to learn to convey research outcome to a general audience. Such an integrated research and educational effort aims at bridging the gaps between state-of-the-art research and the teaching of engineering approaches, many distinct knowledge bodies of EE, CE, and CS, and between systems research and device research in the academic community.

Details are available:

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