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Monday, January 9, 2012

Opening Remarks, Greetings (9:00–9:25)

Keynote Speaker (9:25–10:25)

Time Description
9:25 Approximation-stability, proxy objectives, and implicit assumptions in mathematical formulations of AI problems
Avrim Blum - Introduced by Robert Sloan

Coffee Break (10:30–10:45)


Technical Session 1

Time Description
10:50 Robust Domain Adaptation
Yishay Mansour, Mariano Schain
11:20 PAC-Learning in the Presence of One-sided Classification Noise
Hans Simon
11:50 Domain Adaptation--Can Quantity compensate for Quality?
Shai Ben-David, Shai Shalev-Shwartz, Ruth Urner

Special Session on Boolean Functions: Special Classes

Time Description
10:50 On Dillon's class H of Niho bent functions and o-polynomials
Claude Carlet, Sihem Mesnager
11:20 On quadratizations of pseudo-Boolean functions
Endre Boros, Aritanan Gruber
11:50 Implementations of two Algorithms for the Threshold Synthesis Problem
Jan-Georg Smaus, Christian Schilling, Fabian Wenzelmann

Lunch (12:25–1:55)

On your own.


Technical Session 2

Time Description
2:00 The Influence of Operational Cost on Estimation
Cynthia Rudin, Theja Tulabandhula
2:30 Generalized and Bounded Policy Iteration for Interactive POMDPs
Ekhlas Sonu, Prashant Doshi
3:00 Solving Limited Memory Influence Diagrams Using Branch-and-Bound Search
Arindam Khaled, Changhe Yuan, Eric Hansen

Special Session on Boolean Functions: Boolean Structures

Time Description
2:00 On hierarchies over the SLUR class
Vaclav Vlcek, T. Balyo, S.Gursky
2:30 Boolean functions with long prime implicants
P. Kucera, Ondrej Cepek, S. Kurik
3:00 Bi-tone and k-tone decompositions of Boolean functions
Utz-Uwe Haus, Elke Eisenschmidt

Coffee Break (3:35–3:55)


Special Session on Boolean Functions: Data Mining

Time Description
4:00 A new imputation method for incomplete binary data
Mine Subasi, E. Subasi, M. Anthony, P. Hammer
4:30 Mining Logic Models in the Presence of Noisy Data
Giovanni Felici, Emanuel Weitschek
5:00 The performance of a new hybrid classifier based on boxes and nearest neighbors
Martin Anthony, Joel Ratsaby

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Keynote Speaker 9:00–10:00

Time Description
9:00 The Rise and Fall of Linear Temporal Logic
Moshe Vardi - Introduced by Fred Hoffman

Coffee Break (10:05–10:25)


Technical Session 3

Time Description
10:30 Exact Optimization of Social Welfare by the Nash Product is DP-Complete
Nhan-Tam Nguyen, Magnus Roos, Jörg Rothe
11:00 Modeling Deep Strategic Reasoning by Humans in Competitive Games
Xia Qu, Prashant Doshi, Adam Goodie
11:30 Survey talk from the Special Session on Computational Social Choice:
Typical-Case Challenges to Complexity Shields That Are Supposed to Protect Elections Against Manipulation and Control: A Survey
Joerg Rothe, Lena Schend

Special Session on Boolean Functions: Representations

Time Description
10:30 On the gap between ess(f) and cnf_size(f)
Lisa Hellerstein, Devorah Kletenik
11:00 Hydra formulas and directed hypergraphs: A preliminary report
D. Stasi, Gy. Turán, R. Sloan
11:30 Ordered direct implicational basis of a finite closure system
Kira Adaricheva, J.B. Nation, Robert Rand

Lunch (12:05–1:55)

On your own.


Technical Session 4

Time Description
2:00 Constraint and Optimization techniques for supporting Policy Making
Marco Gavanelli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Michela Milano, Paolo Cagnoli
2:30 Soft Nonlinearity Constraints and their Lower-Arity Decomposition
Venkatesh Ramamoorthy, Marius Silaghi, Toshihiro Matsui, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo
3:00 On the Efficiency of Backtracking Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Achref El Mouelhi, Philippe Jégou, Cyril Terrioux, Bruno Zanuttini

Special Session on Computational Social Choice 1

Time Description
2:00 Behavioural social choice: a status report
Regenwetter, Grofman, Popova, Messner, Davis-Stober, Cavagnaro
2:30 Developing the Empirical Side of Computational Social Choice
T. Nicolaus Tideman, Florenz Plassmann
3:00 A Cost-Minimizing Algorithm for School Choice
Sinan Aksoy, Adam Azzam, Chaya Coppersmith, Julie Glass, Gizem Karaali, Xueying Zhao, Xinjing Zhu

Coffee Break (3:35–3:55)


Special Session on Computational Social Choice 2

TimeSorted ascending Description
4:00 A Survey of Approximability and Inapproximability Results for Social Welfare Optimization in Multiagent Resource Allocation
4:00 Jörg Rothe, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Magnus Roos
4:30 Approximating Common Voting Rules by Sequential Voting in Multi-Issue Domains
4:30 Conitzer, Xia
5:00 Bribery in Voting Over Combinatorial Domains Is Easy
5:00 Mattei, Pini, Rossi, Venable

Conference Banquet

Exact time to be announced.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keynote Speaker (9:00–10:00)

Time Description
9:00 Truth and justice in allocation problems
Michal Feldman - Introduced by Martin Golumbic

Coffee Break (10:05–10:25)


Technical Session 5

Time Description
10:30 Computational complexity of inclusion queries over polyhedral sets
Pavlos Eirinakis, Salvatore Ruggieri, K. Subramani, Piotr Wojciechowski
11:00 Hardness Results for Approximate Pure Horn CNF Formulae Minimization
Endre Boros, Aritanan Gruber

Special Session on Causal Learning

Time Description
10:30 "Easy" causal learning
David Danks
10:40 Causal discovery from experiments I
Frederick Eberhardt
11:07 Causal discovery from experiments II
Patrik Hoyer
11:35 Applications of causal inference
Choh Man Teng
12:02 How to discover what the brain is doing
Clark Glymour
12:30 From Acceptation Relations to Causality Ascription in a Belief Function Framework
Imen Boukhris, Zied Elouedi, Salem Benferhat

Adjourn (1:00)

  Paper not presented do to last-minute travel difficulties
  Identification of Causal Effects in Linear SEMs using the Instrumental Variable Function
Hei Chan, Manabu Kuroki

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