Unofficial UIC Network Rules

These are some guidelines for what constitutes acceptable behavior on the UIC computer network. By abiding by these rules, you can reduce the probability of having your computer filtered by UIC security. I have collected these guidelines through conversations with ACCC, and personal experience. In some cases, contacting security ahead of time will allow them to add your host to an exclusion list, so that you do not get filtered.

I will update this page as I find out more.

  • on some UIC subnets (so far unclear which), machines have to be registered ahead of time. Unregistered machines get filtered after an hour or so.

  • on UIC-Wireless and resnet: the maximum download cap per day is 3GB.
  • on non-wireless, non-resnet machines, such as office and lab machines: if you have any type of bittorrent connections, then transferring more than 2.5GB of data per day (regardless of how it is transferred, streaming video and http downloads count too), your machine will be filtered.

  • sshd is not allowed on any port other than 22
  • ftpd is not allowed on ports other than 20/21
  • no more than 20 smtp connections to non-UIC addresses (in some time interval)
  • do not contact more than 30 (this changes) sequential IP addresses in a 5 minute interval
  • do not contact more than (a port dependent) number of external hosts in a 5 minute interval
  • no more than 100 ssh connections (sessions, not hosts) in a 5 minute interval

Please refer to the Official Acceptable Use Policy for additional information.

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