Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Science in CS
Computer System Concentration (Prior to Fall 2007)

Undergraduate Curricula

A substantial revision of the undergraduate curricula became active in Fall 2012.

Undergraduate Tutoring Program

The CS department offers peer tutoring services focused on 100 and 200 level classes.

For the current list of tutors and the tutoring schedule, click here.

Tutoring sessions are held in 2250 SELE.

Undergraduate Advising

All College of Engineering undergraduate students are required to be advised before they are able to register for classes each semester. Advising hold will not be removed until you are advised. Fall and Spring advising sign-up is the 9th week of the semester. Advising appointments are held during the 10th week.

Find your advisor from the advising list and make an appointment with your advisor directly during the 9th week. It is recommended that you bring your DARS report, list of courses you are interested in and any questions you have for your appointment. Once you are advised, fill out the advising form with your advisor and submit it to the CS Student Affairs office (SEO 905). Keep your white copy for your records. Staff in the office will remove your advising hold within 1-2 business days. Questions regarding advising can be directed to the CS Student Affairs Office, SEO 905. Phone: 312-413-4950/312-996-2290 or E-mail: ugrad@cs.uic.edu.

Spring 2016 Dates:

  • Sign-up: March 14-18, 2016
  • Advising: March 21-25, 2016

Information for Prospective Students (link)

Student Graduation Objectives (link)

Material Relating to the "Old" Curricula (active Fall 2007 -- Summer 2012)

Required for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
Software Engineering Concentration

(128 semester hours) boldface items indicate differences from the typical CS Bachelor's degree

Required outside the College of Engineering

  • ENGL 160 – English Composition I (3 hrs)
  • ENGL 161 – English Composition II (3 hrs)
  • MATH 180 – Calculus I (5 hrs)
  • MATH 181 – Calculus II (5 hrs)
  • MATH 210 – Calculus III (3 hrs)
  • Lab science sequence and science electivesb (12 hrs)
  • Lab Science Sequence (8-10 hrs) – See below
  • Science electives (2-4 hrs) – See below
  • Humanities electivesa (6 hrs)
  • Social sciences electivesa (6 hrs)
  • Humanities/social sciences/art electivesb (18 hrs)

    a Humanities and social sciences electives must be selected from a list of approved courses provided by the College of Engineering.

    b Humanities/social sciences/arts electives may include IE 201 – Engineering Economy. Students preparing for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination, which leads to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer, are advised to take IE 201. One of the humanities/social sciences/art or free electives (see below) must be approved to meet the cultural diversity requirement. Choices for the lab science elective are below. Science and arts electives must be selected from a list of approved courses provided by the CS Department. More explanation of the science requirement is given below.

  • Total Hours: (61 hrs)

Required in the College of Engineering
  • CS 101--Introduction to Computing (3 hrs)
  • CS 102--Introduction to Programming (3 hrs)
  • CS 201--Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics I (4 hrs)
  • CS 202--Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics II (3 hrs)
  • CS 266--Computer Architecture I: Logic and Computer Structures (4 hrs)
  • CS 301--Languages and Automata (3 hrs)
  • CS 335--Computer Ethics (2 hrs)
  • CS 340--Software Design (4 hrs)
  • CS 366--Computer Architecture II: Hardware-Software Interface (4 hrs)
  • CS 376--Practicum in Computer Science Oral Presentations (1 hrs)
  • CS 385--Operating Systems Concepts and Design (4 hrs)
  • CS 401--Computer Algorithms I (3 hrs)
  • CS 440--Software Engineering I (3 hrs)
  • CS 442--Software Engineering II (3 hrs)
  • IE 342--Probability and Statistics for Engineers (3 hrs)
  • Engr 100--Orientation (0 hrs)
    Engr 100 carries one equivalent hour; does not carry credit towards graduation.
  • Total: (47 hrs)

Technical Electives

Required Mathematics Courses

Six hours from among the following list of courses:

Lab Science Sequence and Science Electives

Every student must take one of the two-course lab sequences from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, or Physics. In Chemistry, either the sequence CHEM 112, CHEM 114, or the sequence CHEM 116, CHEM 118 may be chosen. The choices are in the list below. Additionally, students must take a total of at least 12 credit hours, including that sequence, in the science area. Additional courses may be other courses on this list, courses that have any of these courses as prerequisites, or other sciences and quantitative social sciences courses from a list maintained by the Computer Science Department. Also, students preparing for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination, which leads to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer, are advised to take the Physics sequence of PHYS 141 and PHYS 142.

Free Electives

Students preparing for the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination, which leads to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer, are advised to use these hours to take CME 201 – Statics and one course from the following: CME 203 – Strength of Materials, CME 260 – Properties of Materials, and ME 211 – Fluid Mechanics I.

Typical Schedule for the Computer Science Major, Software Engineering Concentration


Fall semester - 14 hrs

Math 180--Calculus I (5)
CS 101--Introduction to Computing (3)
Engl 160--English Composition I (3)
Humanities/social sciences/art elective (3)
Engr 100--Orientation (1 hrs, 0 credits)
Spring semester - 15 hrs

Math 181--Calculus II (5)
Lab Science Sequence I (4)
Engl 161--English Composition II (3)
CS 102--Introduction to Programming (3)


Fall semester - 16 hrs

Math 210--Calculus III (3)
Lab Science Sequence II (4)
CS 201--Discrete Math/Data Structures I (4)
Humanities/social science/art electives (3)
Free elective (2)
Spring semester - 17 hrs

CS 266--Computer Architecture I (4)
CS 202--Discrete Math/Data Structures II (3)
IE 342--Probability and Statistics (3)
Science elective (4)
Humanities/social science/art elective (3)


Fall semester - 17 hrs

CS 366--Computer Architecture II (4)
CS 340--Software Design (4)
Required mathematics course (3)
IE 201--Engineering Economy (3)
Humanities/social science/art elective (3)
Spring semester - 16 hrs

CS 301--Languages and Automata (3)
Free elective (3)
CS 385--Operating Systems Concepts (4)
Required mathematics course (3)
Humanities/social science/art elective (3)


Fall semester - 17 hrs

CS 335--Computer Ethics (2)
CS 401--Computer Algorithms (3)
CS 440--Software Engineering I (3)
Technical elective (3 hrs)
Humanities/social sciences/art electives (6)
Spring semester - 16 hrs

CS 442--Software Engineering II (3)
Technical electives (6)
Humanities/social sciences/art electives (6)
CS 376--Practicum in Oral Presentations (1)

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