Professional Activities and Awards

Referee and session moderator for IJCAI - 89.

Head Site Judge for 1989 ACM Midwest Regional Programming Contest.

Referee for 1989 International Parallel Processing Conference.

1990 University of Illinois at Chicago Silver Circle Teaching Award Finalist.

Invited Speaker at the 1991 International Conference on Computing and Information (Toronto), "Software Engineering Challenges of the Advanced Traveller Information System ADVANCE," May 1991.

SAE 1993 Location Coding Workshop Participant (San Francisco).

Invited Speaker for the Communication Society of the Chicago Chapter of IEEE, “The ADVANCE Project,” January 1994.

Organizing committee member of the 1994 Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (Paris).

Member of the Board of Examiners (1994), Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur).

Invited Panel Member representing the U.S. at the 1994 Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (Paris), "What is the Future of IVHS in the United States?" October 1994.

Invited Speaker (joint presentation with Martin Monahan of FHWA) at the 1995 Pacific Rim Transportation Technology Conference (Seattle), “An Update on the ADVANCE Project,” July 1995.

Invited Speaker at the 1995 International Federation of Operational Research Societies 4th Specialized Conference - Operations Research and Engineering Design (St. Louis), “The ADVANCE Dynamic Route Guidance Project,” October 1995. Invited Speaker at the 1995 UIC Engineering Alumni Association Dinner, “Smart Cars, Smart Factories, and Beyond,” November 1995.

Member of (USDOT sponsored) GCM Priority Corridor Architecture, Communications and Infrastructure Committee (1996-00).

Invited Speaker at Argonne National Laboratory, “Intelligent Transportation Systems Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago,” February 1996.

1999 UIC College of Engineering Research Award.

Invited Speaker at Drexel University, “Optimization of High-Speed SMT Placement Machines Using Evolutionary Algorithms,” June 2000.

Invited Speaker at University of Alberta, “Optimization of High-Speed SMT Placement Machines Using Evolutionary Algorithms,” June 2000.

Keynote Speaker for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop held at Academia Sinica’s Institute of Information Science (Taipai Taiwan). The following two talks were presented: "An Overview of ITS in North America" and "ITS: Lessons Learned and Future Research Directions," September 2000.

Invited participant for a jointly sponsored NSF and USDOT workshop held at UIC to formulate a ten-year basic research program in transportation (October 2000).

Program Committee Member for IEEE 5th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Singapore, September 2002).

2002 Federal Highway Administration National Award for Traveler Information Web Sites for our Gateway System (four awards nationally).

Invited speaker for Motorola Labs Technology Seminar Series (webcast to Motorola’s 3000 scientists and engineers around the world), “Domain Knowledge Discovery and Management for Electronics Manufacturing and Design,” December 2002.

Expert Witness Testimony, United States District Court (Judge John Darrah), Catalina vs., April 2003.

Invited Speaker at Illinois Institute of Technology, “Applied AI and Electronics Manufacturing Optimization,” November 2003.

2003 Federal Highway Administration National Award for Traveler Information Web Sites for our Gateway System

Member of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Council, 2004 - current.

Program Committee Member for 2004 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing, and Control (ICNSC 2004) which will be held on March 21-23, 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Referee for IEEE Software.

Referee for IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation.

Referee for Information Processing Letters.

Referee for Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence.

Referee for Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing.

Referee for Transportation Research – Part C.

Referee for the National Science Foundation.

Member of the Association of Computing Machinery.

Member of the IEEE Computer Society

Member of the American Society of Engineering Education

Lifetime member of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence.
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