Graduate Students Supervised

Ph.D. Dissertations Completed

Xin Li (2006), “Self-Emergence of Structures in Gene Expression Programming.”

Marcin Kadluczka (2003), “Searching for General Metaheuristic for Optimization Problems and Knowledge Management.”

Ben Kao (2003), (co-advisor with Prof. Simon Kasif) “Learning Algorithms For Large Datasets.”

Chi Zhou (2002), “Gene Expression Programming and Rule Induction for Domain Knowledge Discovery and Management.”

P. Csaszar (1998), “Optimization Automated Placement Machines Using Tabu Search Algorithms.”

W. Wang, (1998) “Optimization of Surface Mount Technology Placement Machines using Evolutionary Algorithms.”

J. Inglehart, (1997) “Inferring DNA Structures from Segmentation and Sequence Data via Intelligent Search.”

P. Palacharla (1995), “A Pattern Recognition Approach to Data Fusion in Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems."

J. Dillenburg (1993), “Techniques for Improving the Efficiency of Heuristic Search.”

A. Toptsis (1992), “Parallel Bidirectional Island Search in Distributed Memory Multiprocessors.”

J. Yim (1990), (co-advisor with Prof. Murata) “A Predicate/Transition Net Model For Artificial Intelligence Robot Planning.”

Ph.D. Dissertations in Progress

Zhuli Xie, “Automatic Text Summarization for Business Intelligence.”

Yuejiao Zhou , "Knowledge Discovery and Business Intelligence."

Peng Fan, “Intelligent Traveler Assistant.”

Wei Zhang, “Heuristic combinatorial problem solving.”

M.S. Theses Completed

Amy Qiongyun Zhang (2006), “Improving GEP Performance by using Differential Evolution for Constant Creation.”

Omid Rouhani-Kalleh (2006), “Analysis, Theory and Design of Logistic Regression Classifiers for Very Large Scale Data Mining.”

Sathish Kumar Murugesan (2002), “Software Unite Scheduling in Highly Available Clusters Using Constraint Programming Techniques.”

Pradosh Mohapatra (2000), “A Generic Simulation and Optimization
System for Surface Mount Technology Placement Machines.”

Hankus Lukasz (2000), “Object-Oriented Design of a GIS.”

E. Torres (1996), “Application of Neural Networks to Data Fusion.”

P. Noel (1996), “Strategies for Solving Semeai in Go Using Genetic Algorithms.”

A. Dikos (1995), "Optimization of Printed Circuit Card Assembly in High-Mix Environments using Genetic Algorithms."

W. Wang (1995), "An Automated Process Plan Selection System."

J. Inglehart (1993), "On the Limitations of Automated Restriction Mapping."

C. Lain (1993), "Heuristic Improvement through Triangulation."

J. Dillenburg (1991), "Experimental Analysis of Heuristic Island Search."

M.S. Projects Completed

Weidong Zhang (2005), “A Three Dimensional Cochlear Implant Simulation with Circuit Model.”

Gomathy Sundaresan (2002) “Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Rule-Based System for Optimizing SMT Placement Machines.”

Tricia Sproule (2001) “LMT Client Test Tool.”

Revanta Banerji (2000), Semi-Automated Classification of Web Documents.”

Amitkumar J. Aswani (2000), “ Optimization of Revolver Head SMT Machines using Adaptive Simulated Annealing.”

Mukund Pattangi (2000), “Rating and Censorship On the Internet.”

Juan Lopez (2000), “Cost Reduction & Calculation Tools for Electronics Manufacturing.”

Eric S. Leung (1999), “Line Balancing of Multi-Station Revolver Head Machines Using Rule-Based Expert Systems.”

M. T. Cornelison (1998) “Predicting Traffic Congestion using Neural Networks.”

R. R. Rajbhandari (1998), “ Optimization of Automated High Speed Modular Placement Machines Using Knowledge-Based Systems.”

Weisong Xu (1998), “An Object-Oriented Evolutionary Optimizer for a Turret-Based Chip Shooter.”

Parthiv Sheth (1998), “An Intelligent Forecasting System for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.”

Jose Afonso B. Pinto (1997), “SNMP Network Management Expert System Java Package.”

Lauren L. Willming (1997), “Simul Graphical User Interface.”

Y. Zou (1996), "An Intelligent Automated Restriction Mapping Tool."

S.M Chung (1995), "Analysis and Simulation of Selected Database Restoration Techniques."

Jing Zhang (1995), "An Economic Occupational Forecasting Tool."

V. Shah (1990), "Globular Dynamics: An Implementation of Physically Modeled Soft Objects."

P. Z. Kokan (1994), "Fuzzy Implementation of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controllers."

J. Warpinski (1992), "Expert Systems for Network Fault Detection."

A. Mazurkiewicz (1992), "An Empirical Study of the Convergence Rate of the Back Propagation Learning Algorithm for Artificial Neural Networks."

M. Managheb (1990), "Knowledge-Based Planning and Scheduling with CLIPS."

Post-Doctoral Fellows Supervised

Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, 1/1/94 - 12/31/94.

Dr. Anestis Toptsis, Summer 1991.

Direction of Research Associates and Technicians

Name Highest Degree Employment Dates
A. Cai M.S. 7/25/92 - 12/31/93
K. Dicke M.S. 7/25/92 - 12/31/93
J. Dillenburg Ph.D. 8/23/93 – Current
C. Drake M.S. 5/1/02 – Current
C. Lain M.S. 8/23/93 - 12/31/94
D. Rorem M.S. 9/1/91 - Current
M. Rosheim M.S. 7/15/91 - 7/31/93
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