Frequently Asked Questions

I'm applying to the CS PhD program. Can I work with you and/or what should I do? Sorry, I'm unable to respond to many inquiries about admissions. I'm always seeking well-prepared and hard-working PhD students to join my research group, but I'm not on the admissions committee and I rarely influence any admissions decisions. I'm happy to chat with you once you are accepted.

I'm a student at UIC and I want to enroll in your class, but it's full. What should I do? I don't maintain a waiting list or have direct control over seat availability, so there's not much I can do. Please attend the first few lectures; historically, some seats will open up or be added and everyone has been accommodated in the past.

I'm an undergraduate at UIC and I'm very interested in artificial intelligence/machine learning as a subject of study or career. What should I do? A strong math/statistics background is very helpful. For your math electives, take STAT 381, STAT 401, and MATH 310 (or 320).

I'm an undergraduate or masters student at UIC and I want to work on research with you! What should I do? As a first step, please take a machine learning course at UIC (preferably with me). Second, I try to pair undergraduate and masters projects with PhD students from my research group, so please take a look at our recent papers and see if any of the themes is of interest to you. At that point, you should then either contact me (preferably during my office hours) or the most relevant PhD student to proceed with defining a good project topic.

I'm a PhD student and I want to work on research with you! What should I do? The easiest option is to drop by my office (SEO 1108) during my office hours (details written on the board outside my office) and we can chat.

Why didn't you respond to my email? It's not you, it's me; I'm really bad at keeping up with email. I won't take offense if you send reminders, but they might also not help.

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