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My research centers around the notion of rationality in artificial intelligent agents. Rationality includes the ability to plan alternative courses of action, and the ability to determine, and robustly execute, the best of these alternatives. In my work I have been particularly interested in rational choice of action when other intelligent agents are present in the environment. Here, the main issues are how agents should decide what physical actions to execute to coordinate with anticipated actions of the other agents, and how they should decide what communicative actions to engage in. A related problem is that of a theoretical framework for representing knowledge and belief of agents interacting with other agents. My other work includes evolution of agent communication languages, frameworks for representing uncertain knowlegde about the environment evolving in time, the notions of time pressure and the value of time, and rational behavior and trade-offs under time pressure. I am also interested in decision-theoretic approaches to game theory, operations research, philosophies of agenthood, and in applications of rational autonomous agents in realistic distributed domains.

Research Projects

  • Sequential Decision-Making in Multiagent Settings -- funded by the National Science Foundation and by the Office of Naval Research. Description

  • Automating the Evolution of Linguistic Competence in Artificial Agents -- funded by the National Science Foundation. Description

  • Emergence of Protocols and Languages in Multiagent Systems -- funded by the National Science Foundation. Description

  • Rational Coordination and Communication in Multiagent Environments Through Recursive Modeling -- funded by the Office of Naval Research. Description

  • Scaling Up Automated Interactions in Multiagent Environments Through Learning and Value of Time Calculation -- funded by the Office of Naval Research. Description

  • Role of Emotions in Rational Agent Design: General Principles and Applications. Description

  • Decision-Theoretic Multi-Agent Sensor Planning. Funded by DARPA; most of the work was performed when I was with the CSE Department, the University of Texas at Arlington. Description
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