• Webs Total: Number of webs, excluding template webs
  • Webs Viewed: Number of webs viewed
    • This can be bigger than Webs Total since this includes webs viewed but deleted in a month
  • Webs Updated: Number of webs updated
  • Topics: Total Number of topics across all webs
  • Topics Viewed: Number of topics viewed across all webs
  • Topics Updated: Number of topics updated across all webs
  • Attachments: Number of attachments in all topics
  • Topic Views: Number of topic views
  • Topic Updates: Number of topic updates
  • Files Uploads: Number of file uploads
  • Data Size MB: Size of all files in data directory (topics and log files)
  • Pub Size MB: Size of all files in pub directory (attachments)
  • Disk Use: Disk use in percent
  • Users: Number of users
  • Groups: Number of users
  • Plugins: Number of plugins installed, out of number of plugins available on twiki.org
  • Top Viewers: People who viewed the most number of times
  • Top Contributors: People who updated the most number of times


  • Do not edit this topic, it is updated automatically. Update now.
  • When updating statistics of previous months, the following items cannot be measured and will be set to 0: Webs, Topics, Users, Data Size, Pub Size, Disk Use, Plugins.
  • Charts are automatically shown at the top if the TWiki:Plugins.ChartPlugin is installed and enabled (it is not) and if there are at least two months of statistics data. ChartPlugin version 2011-04-27 or later is required.
  • TWikiSiteTools explains how to enable automatic updates of the statistics pages.

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