Members of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at UIC recruit new members during the UIC Involvement Fair on September 5th.

The UIC Involvement Fair, which took place on September 5th and 6th, is a chance for students to learn about all of the organizations and clubs on campus. The three main organizations for Computer Science;  Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Women in Computer Science (WICS) and Linux Users Group (LUG), were all represented. The three CS student orgs. are just a few of the 30+ student orgs. within the College of Engineering.

“Being a member of one of these groups is a great way to get conversations started around a career in Computer Science and helps prepare you for what life is going to be like after you graduate,” said Reem Husseein, president of the WICS UIC chapter.  “It’s especially helpful for transfer students. Also, all members of these student groups are CS majors, so you are networking with the right people,” she added.

Joining student organizations is also a great way to make friends who share your interests.  “WICS is a great community of women. Everyone is very supportive of each other in achieving our academic and career goals. I have made some great friends here,”  said Dana Dolat, board member for WICS at UIC.

Above all, members of the CS student organizations stress the importance of being able to transfer knowledge and skills learned while at UIC into a satisfying career after graduation.

“Employers want to see that you have built out a portfolio of projects,” said ACM President Will Toher. “At ACM we all work together to help everyone translate their academic and personal achievements into securing internships while in school and landing multiple job offers leading up to graduation.”

All Computer Science students at UIC are encouraged to join student organizations to help develop relationships and a strong network, as well as put you on the right path to a successful career after college.

Upcoming General Body Meetings


ACM | Association for Computing Machinery

Sept. 10th | 5-6 PM | CS Lounge (2268 SELE)


WICS | Women in Computer Science

Sept. 19th | 5-7 PM | CS Lounge (2268 SELE)


LUG | Linux Users Group

Sept. 7th | 5-6:30 PM | CS Lounge (2268 SELE)

Oct. 6th | 5-6 PM | CS Lounge (2268 SELE)

A UIC LUG member dressed as the Linux mascot “Tux” during the Involvement Fair.

A member of UIC Women in Computer Science (WICS) speaks with an interested student during the UIC Involvement Fair on September 5th.


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