Graduate Studies Educational Objectives

  1. Graduates will compete effectively and favorably with peers from Big Ten universities for positions in industry, professional school, or graduate programs, as dictated by the students’ broader goals while at UIC.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate leadership in their professions, as evidenced by scholarly and technical publication or other measure of professional productivity, including awards and honors, and advancement within the organizations in which they are employed, as appropriate to the individual career path.
  3. Graduates will remain active contributors to the field of computer science through professional societies, service to scholarly or technical journals, alumni activities, mentoring, contributions to education or human resources, or other activities beyond the basic requirements of their occupation.

We have a very strict registration policy for all CS graduate students. Graduate students may not register for more than 12 credit hours of CS didactic classes (i.e., CS 400-491 and CS 500-594 classes).

Check your registration to ensure you meet the restrictions on registration of CS classes.

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science

The Master of Science program is designed for students who have received their undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (or closely related fields), and wish to develop greater depth and/or breadth in computer science. The MS degree prepares students for more challenging--and often more highly-compensated--work in their professional careers. UIC Computer Science MS alumni have traditionally been well-positioned for interesting and rewarding careers.

MS degree could be completed with a Coursework, Project or Thesis Option. Full-time, well-prepared, highly motivated students may complete the program in as few as three semesters; most students complete the program in four to six semesters of residence.

Detailed MS degree requirements are published in the CS Graduate Program manual.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science

The Doctor of Philosophy program is designed for students who have received their MS degrees in Computer Science (or closely related fields), and who wish to develop greater depth and breadth in computer science, with particular emphasis on the development of expertise in Computer Science research. The PhD degree prepares students for the most challenging--and often most highly-compensated--work in the field of Computer Science. Typically, PhD graduates are employed in commercial or industrial research, or themselves become faculty members in Computer Science departments throughout the world.

Exceptional applicants who have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, or a related field, and wish to pursue a PhD will be considered for a "Direct PhD Admission". Such students will pursue the PhD degree without the requirement or option of first completing a Master degree.

Detailed PhD degree requirements are published in the CS Graduate Program manual

The current Qualifying Exam has been in effect since Fall 2012.

PhD Qualifying Exam Information provides details on the requirements of it’s successful completion of each of the three parts.

If you plan on graduating soon and would like to have a Graduation Check done, send an e-mail with your name and UIN to the Student Affairs Office. MS and PhD graduation requirements are available in your respective Graduate Program Requirements Manual above.

Read through Graduation Guidelines for the graduation process.

Quick links to various graduations forms:

The University of Illinois at Chicago and the department of computer science are committed to providing an educational environment that is accessible to all students. In accordance with this commitment, students in need of accommodations due to a disability should contact the Disability Resource Center or Phone (312) 413-2183 for verification and determination of reasonable accommodations as soon as possible.