Prior to the start of the semester in which you anticipate to graduating, you should request a graduation check from the Student Affairs Office (905 SEO). This will help ensure that you have met all of the requirements necessary to be eligible for graduation. The following are general guidelines to consider when verifying your graduation eligibility:

  • Send an e-mail request for a graduation check to the Student Affairs Office, with “Graduation Check” in the subject heading, at least one month prior to the term you intend to graduate. The email should include your name, UIN, program (if MS identify thesis, project or coursework only option) and expected graduation term. The Student Affairs staff will review your file to verify that you have met all course requirements to graduate. You will be informed if you need to take additional courses or if you have other missing requirements. This will provide you with sufficient time to register for the necessary courses during your final semester.
  • You will receive emails from the Student Affairs Office during the start of each term regarding graduation deadlines. These emails will contain important information about the necessary paperwork to graduate and deadlines for submission of forms. Please pay careful attention to these deadlines. The Graduate College maintains strict deadlines and exemptions are rarely granted. The deadlines will be posted on the calendar for the student affairs website as well. Additional earlier deadlines are imposed by the department (see below) to ensure the all the changes required by the faculty who serve as readers of projects or on thesis committees are executed.
  • The first step in the graduation process is submitting the “Intent to Graduate”. Inform your advisor of your intention to graduate. To declare your intention to graduate for a certain term you must complete the online Intent to Graduate. Students should go to the University portal, and login. In the “Academics” tab of the student part of the portal (you may also have staff and faculty sections if you work on campus and/or are a teaching assistant) go to the“Records” sub-tab and then choose “Declare your Intent to Graduate”.


If you are graduating with a Thesis/Dissertation, you must:

    1. Submit a Committee Recommendation Form” three weeks prior to your defense date. The form is available on-line. The form must be filled out on-line, printed, signed by your advisor and submitted to Room 905 SEO. Hand written forms are not acceptable.
      • If a member of your committee is not part of the UIC graduate college faculty (post doc or visiting faculty) or non-UIC faculty, you have to submit their Vita with the committee recommendation form.
      • All PhD students must attach an abstract to the committee recommendation form for both their preliminary exam and final dissertation defense.
      • All PhD students must send an advertisement of their preliminary exam and final defense at least a week prior their defense to the student affairs office. Preliminary exam are advertised to all faculty and final defenses to all faculty and graduate students.
    2. Consult the Graduate ‘Thesis Manual’ (available on the Graduate college website under ‘Forms & Publications’) and ensure your thesis is in the approved format.
    3. Schedule your defense date at least two weeks (for PhD) and 10 days (for MS thesis) prior to the thesis submission deadline.
    4. Just prior to or immediately following your defense, e-mail a PDF copy of your thesis to the CS Student Affairs Office for a format check.
    5. All thesis are submitted electronically. Information on electronic submission is available on Graduate college website.
    6. All required forms must be completed and signed before submitting them to Graduate College. A detailed checklist of the required forms is available in the thesis manual.
    7. Send an electronic copy of the thesis/dissertation to Student Affairs Office.


If you are graduating under the MS Project option, make sure your advisor and the second committee member have ample time (at least one week) to read and approve your project. The following must be submitted by the project deadline:

    1. Hard copy of the project report. See ‘Masters Project Information’ part of the requirements for information on format of the report.
    2. “Certificate of Approval” form, completed and signed by your advisor and the secondary committee member. The form is available in 905 SEO or can be downloaded.
    3. All CS lecturers, assistant, associate, full professors and adjunct faculty are eligible to serve as a primary advisor and secondary committee member. Secondary committee member can also be a full-time faculty member at UIC (non-CS faculty or adjunct faculty); however they have to be pre approved by the primary advisor and DGS. One of the committee members should hold at least a 50% appointment in the CS department.
  • Return all borrowed equipment and keys to Room 1120.


Please note that if you do not graduate in the semester you submitted your ‘Intent to Graduate’, you have to submit the request again during the term you intend to graduate. The previous request will NOT be carried over to the next semester automatically.