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Department of Computer Science,
851 S. Morgan (M/C 152)
Room 1120 SEO
Chicago, IL 60607-7053

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1975 Ph.D., Yale University

1969 S.T.B., Harvard Divinity School

1966 A.B., Harvard College

Statistical graphics

Statistical computing

2009 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

2006 Elected Member, International Statistical Institute

1998 Fellow, American Statistical Association

2010 NISS Distinguished Service Award.

2010 FODAVA Distinguished Lecture, Georgia Tech College of Computing, April 2, 1010.

2009 Invited Speaker, Gordon Conference on Visualization, Oxford, UK.

2008 Youden award, American Society for Quality (Best Paper, Technometrics)

1985 Outstanding speaker award, National Computer Graphics Association

2011-2014 Anomaly Discovery through Visual Characterizations of Point Sets Embedded in High-Dimensional Geometric Spaces. National Science Foundation FODAVA supplement ($185,381)

2008-2011 Visually-Motivated Characterizations of Point Sets Embedded in High-Dimensional Geometric Spaces, National Science Foundation FODAVA grant ($475,000)

1975-76 Young Researcher award, UIC 1971-75 Kent Fellowship, Danforth Foundation

1969-71 USPHS Predoctoral Fellowship

1968 Hopkins Share, Harvard Divinity School