Welcome to the Computer Science department and UIC!

Congratulations on your acceptance to our department. We are excited at the prospect of having you join us in the upcoming term. As you know, admission to our department is very competitive; you are among the few handpicked candidates that we have chosen to join our academic family.

Our department is composed of many world renowned researchers. Some are fellows of professional societies, others hold chief editorial positions on boards of professional journals, and still others have earned the university’s top teaching awards and prestigious NSF (National Science Foundation) CAREER awards. Our faculty conducts research in traditional computer science but also in multidisciplinary fields and thus collaborates with faculty members in several other departments both here at UIC and other universities in the area. For example, at UIC we collaborate with faculty in Bioengineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science, Learning Sciences, and the U of I Medical School. In addition we collaborate with Institutions outside UIC, which includes Northwestern University and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago among others. The diversity of academic interests within our department and within UIC will maximize your opportunity to realize the goals and aspirations you had when you decided to attain a graduate degree.

Our proximity to the heart of downtown Chicago offers numerous cultural, architecture and entertainment activities, many of which are free. More importantly, the city also provides important employment opportunities. Our department has contacts with both local and national companies to help ensure our graduates obtain the experience needed to succeed.

In addition to receiving an outstanding academic education, the opportunities to become part of and participate in student organizations are abundant. Getting involved in the UIC student community and networking with others outside of UIC is one of the many ways for you to grow as Computer Science professional. Our program is designed so that our students graduate with the knowledge and skills to build successful careers.

We sincerely hope you consider joining our talented faculty and students for your graduate education.

Please visit our department home page to explore all we have to offer.


CS Student Affairs Office

The first step is to go to my.UIC Portal and activate your portal account to receive your ‘Netid’. This link is the second one on the left side of the page. You need your SSN or TCN, UIN & Date of Birth to activate it.

Once you log into your my.UIC account, you will be able to manage all aspects of your education at UIC through this site. The portal has information on UIC e-mail, registration, academic records, financial records etc. It can also be personalized to suit your needs.

Domestic students – Out of town domestic students should arrive by January 4th if you have made housing arrangements and registered already.

International Students - Students on visa can enter the country 30 days prior to the start of the term (January 9th for Spring 2017). We strongly suggest you arrive early enough to allow plenty to time to find housing, register for classes and get acclimated to the campus. You will not be able to register for classes until SEVIS and New Student Hold are removed, and this cannot be done until you arrive on campus. We also advise you to visit the ( Office of International Service) site and read all the information related to new students.

Current CS Graduate Students are restricted to no more than 12 hours CS courses

Computer Science graduate students do not have to be advised prior to registering for classes. 400 and 500 level CS courses are acceptable. The rules and minimum requirements for class levels will be discussed during the mandatory new student orientation. However, for the first semester you should choose courses that you are comfortable with. Pre-requisites are given as guidelines, and should be considered when registering for classes. Please note that all of our graduate courses are aimed at students with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or an equivalent understanding. Our core undergraduate curriculum consists of: CS 141, 151, 251, 261, 361 and 342. Please look over the topics covered and address any deficiencies either by enrolling in the appropriate undergraduate classes, or through self-study.

Courses offered by UIC are available on the ‘UIC Schedule of Classes’ (from uic.edu click on ‘Learning’ and then ‘Schedule of Classes’). CS posts its own classes with the latest updates on our site 'cs.uic.edu' under 'Courses'.

  • ‘New Student Hold’ - All CS graduate students will have this. Domestic students can have this removed by e-mailing us at ‘grad@cs.uic.edu’ with you first name, last name, DOB & UIN number. You can inform us that you are new student admitted to UIC and want to register for classes. International students have to report to our office (905 SEO) before the hold is removed.
  • ‘SEVIS hold’ – Al international students have this hold. You have to report to OIS upon arriving in Chicago. OIS has to check your immigration documents before they removed the hold.
  • ‘Immunization hold’ – If you are living in on-campus housing, an immunization form must be filled by your doctor and submitted prior or upon your arrival at UIC.Immunization form is available on-line. Immunization office will give you a deadline by which to submit this.
  • ‘Transcript hold’ – If you were in your last semester of study when you applied, you most likely have not submitted your final transcripts and proof of degree. We recommend that you bring it with you to UIC and submit it as soon as possible. You will be able to register for the current semester; however you will be prevented from registering for the next semester if you do not submit this.

UIC photo ID (i-card) can be obtained once you register for classes. You have to take your Drivers License/State ID/ Passport and a print out of your registration to the ID Office.

U-Pass is issued to eligible students for each semester (valid from beginning to end of semester). It can be used without any limit on all Chicago's public transportation (CTA buses & trains). See U-Pass site for information on eligibility, distribution and CTA.

Students who have already received Teaching and Research assistantship offers from the department must report to CS Student Affairs Office in Room 905 SEO by January 3, 2017 to get started on your hiring paperwork. Late paperwork could delay your paycheck by months and non-payment of days until you start the paperwork.

Graduate Assistantships - The university has a number of graduate assistantship available in various departments. These departments like Computer Science students for the technical knowledge they can provide. You should prepare a resume/CV that is precise and highlights your skills and work experience. Please DO NOT stop by every office asking for assistantships. You can inquire about GA/RA openings in each department's main office. College of Dentistry has requested they not be contacted for GA’s.

If you are an international student who just arrived in the US this semester, you will need a social security number if you find employment. To apply, you will need to submit a request to OIS and include a copy of your offer letter. OIS will generate a letter which you will need to take, along with the printed application and any other required documents, to the Social Security office. You can find more details on the SSA website. You can use your TCN (Temporary Control Number) to start your hiring paperwork, but you will need a SSN soon.

You can open an account in any bank that you choose. However, it may be easiest to start a checking or savings account at Credit Union 1 until you have more time to learn about the other local banks. Credit Union 1 is located in the Basement of University Hall (UH), 2nd floor of Student Center East (SCE) (up the escalator) or the basement of Administrative Offices Building (AOB). Be advised that members of the Credit Union will be required to pay a small fee to withdraw money from non-CU1 ATMs.

In order to open an account at Credit Union 1 you need to show your UIC i-Card, Passport & letter of admission. You will be able to use your TCN number to open the account, but would have to provide your Social Security Number eventually.

They require you to deposit at least $10 to open a basic checking / savings account. Phone number for Credit Union at UH: 996-3059, AOB: 413-2431 & CCC: 355-0590.


There are several orientations held by the department, graduate college, and university. However, there are some that are mandatory and some that are recommended. See below for more information on these. The next CS department orientation is a mandatory orientation, at 10 am on Friday, August 18, 2017 (Room TBA).

For students starting in the Spring, the only one available will be the orientation held by Office of International Services. We encourage Spring admits to attend the department orientation in Fall.

All new graduate students are required to attend the Computer Science department orientation. This mandatory orientation provides you with information on degree requirements, rules and regulations of the department and a number of other topics that all CS graduate students are expected to be aware of.

This mandatory new student orienation is held only once a year before the start of the Fall semester. For students who started in Spring 2017, you should attend the Fall 2017 orientation.

Date: Friday, August 18, 2017

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Room: TBA

RSVP: grad @ cs.uic.edu (enter 'RSVP for orientation' in subject line); No Fee.

This is conducted by UIC's 'International Teaching Assistant Program', information will be updated on the ITA website. There are two parts to the orientation: International TAs and New TAs. It is MANDATORY for all new International TA’s and new TAs of the Computer Science department to attend.

For all 'New International Students' OIS (Office of International Services) has a mandatory 'New International Student Orientation' on Thursday, January 5th. Sign up on OIS site (ois.uic.edu). Fee of $99 is charged to your student account. Their activities and website is a good source of information for international students.

Graduate College holds 'New Graduate Student Orientation' in Fall only. Fall 2017 would be on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. The orientation has limited spots available and registration is required. CS department highly recommends it based on the topics covered (UIC history, funding your study, panels on health insurance, Graduate Student Council, Graduate Employee Organization). No fee, limited spots.