More than 150 students have received their PhD from the UIC Computer Science Department since 2000. These PhD recipients have gone on to work at some of the largest and most influential organizations in the world including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Verizon, Accenture and Morgan Stanley. Below is a list of PhD graduates and where their degree and research took them after UIC.



Thesis Title

Lu, Chun-Ta

Google Research



NameCompanyThesis Title
Cao, BokaiFacebookBroad Learning for Healthcare
Gerlich, TomasHERE TechnologiesRigid Multi-Motion Optical Flow Estimation
Ma, ChihuaConversant Inc. 
Mateevitsi, ViktorSpatial Canvas, ChicagoSupporting Navigation with a Torso Wearable Tactile Display
Merrifield, TimothySenior member of Technical staff 
Snyder, PeterBrave SoftwareImproving Web Privacy and Security with a Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Web API
Yavolovsky, Andrey Decision-Theoretic Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems



NameCompanyThesis Title
Mirrezaei, Seyed Iman Advancing Open Information Extraction Methods to Enrich Knowledge Bases
Musa, A B MAmazonAdvanced Techniques for Mobile Localization and Tracking
Wang, FengjiaoCriteo ResearchData Analysis on Location-Based Social Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Chen, XiangliAmazon Robotics 
Jimenez-Pazmino, Priscilla F. Engaging Emerging Professionals in Design: Devising Mobile Supports for Explainers at STEM Museums
Srinivasan, VenkatakumarXaptum, ChicagoAnalysis of Privacy Measures for Multi-Agent and Networked Systems
Zhang, JiaweiFlorida State UniversityFusion of Heterogeneous Social Networks for Synergistic Knowledge Discovery



NameCompanyThesis Title
Ayala, Daniel  
Febretti, AlessandroCitadel LLC, ChicagoMutliview Immersion in Hybrid Reality Environments
Fei, GeliGoogleOpen Classification and Change Detection in the Similarity Space
Green, NicholasUptake, ChicagoExample Based Pedagogical Strategies in a Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System
Harsley, RachelGoogle, ChicagoSupporting Effective Collaborative Learning in a Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System
Lodhi, MuhammadAllegis GroupData Mining of High Dimensional Sparse Dataset: A Case Study of Nursing Electronic Health Records
Monshizadeh, MalihehUniv. of Wisconsin at MadisonInferring Specifications for Web Application Security
Wang, Hong Adversarial Prediction Framework for Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing Metrics
Wei, XiaokaiFacebookUnsupervised Feature Selection for Heterogeneous Data
Zhang, JingyuanBaidu Research USInformation Network Modeling and Mining



NameCompanyThesis Title
Ben, Yue (Cindy)GoogleModel Checking Open Probabilistic Systems Using Hierarchical Probabilistic Automata
Monfort, MathewMITMethods in Large Scale Inverse Optimal Control
Shelley, Joey T ReneCommon Sensing, BostonTechnology Scaffolds Supporting Compromise in a Multivariate Problem Space



NameCompanyThesis Title
Fei, Wenyuan A Global Authentication System
Shao, WeixiangGoogleUnsupervised Learning from Multi-View Data
Xie, SihongLehigh UniversityDistilling Trustworthy Knowledge from Crowdsourced Data



NameCompanyThesis Title
Hu, QingboLinkedInInformation Networks: Problems, Theories and Applications
Li, HuayiGoogle (Display Ads team)Detecting Opinion Spam in Commercial Review Websites
Panella, AlessandroFacebookMultiagent Stochastic Planning with Bayesian Policy Recognition



NameCompanyThesis Title
Chen, ZhiyuanGoogleLifelong Machine Learning for Topic Modeling and Classification
Maggioni, MarcoCitadel LLCSparse Convex Optimization on GPUs



NameCompanyThesis Title
Bui, Anh HuyMicrosoftOPTIQ: A Data Movement Optimization Framework for Data-centric Applications on Supercomputers
Cafaro, FrancescoIndiana University, Purdue

Using Framed Guessability to Design Gesture Suites

for Embodied Interaction

Gnoli, AlessandroOrbitzNutella: The Construction and Enactment of Simulated Macroworlds
Lin, ShuyangFacebookInformation Diffusion in Online Social Network
Wang, JingConversantTwo Applications of Topic Models


NameCompanyThesis Title
Hur, HyejungLGEffective Space Organization Design for Large High-Resolution Environments


NameCompanyThesis Title
Jalal AlowibdiUniversity of Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaDetecting Deception in Online Social Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Biagioni, JamesAmazon, Seattle (Logistics group)Inferring Semantic Information from User Mobility Data
Chen, LinGoogle, SeattleTowards Modeling Collaborative Task Oriented Multimodal Human-Human Dialogues
Dang, Tuan NhonEVL, UICInteractive Visual Analysis of Images
Kaligounder, LakshmiSamsung Electronics, Bengaluru, IndiaGlobal Stability of Financial Networks: Measures, Evaluations and Policy Implications
Kong, XiangnanWPIModeling Big Data Variety with Graph Mining Techniques
Ma, ShuoMotorola mobility Labs, Silicon ValleyIIP: An Information Platform for Intelligent Transportation System at its Application
Mukherjee, ArjunUniversity of HoustonProbabilistic Models for Fine-Grained Opinion Mining: Algorithms and Applications
Petrov, PlamenDeloitte Consulting Company, ChicagoMultilevel Context-Aware Software Architecture Decision Framework with Probabilistic Graphical Models
Reda, MHD KhairiArgonneExploratory Visual Analysis in Large High-Resolution Display Environments
Shen, MinLinkedIn, CaliforniaPredicate Detection in Large-Scale Locality-Driven Networks
Wang, GuanLinkedInGraph-Based Approach on Social Data Mining



NameCompanyThesis Title
Gao, WenxuanYahooSelected Applications in Data Intensive Computing
Hossain, BM MainulMicrosoft, Redmond

Enhancing Parallelism and Scalability of Database-Centric Applications

in Presence of Database Deadlocks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Gondi, KalpanaAmazonProgram Transformation Techniques for Erasing Sensitive Data in Sequential and Concurrent Applications
Jia, LifengConversantAdvanced Information Retrieval within Blogosphere and Micro-Blogosphere
Stenneth, LeonNokiaHuman Activity Detection Using Smartphones and Maps



NameCompanyThesis Title
Habiba, HabibaUniversity of Konstanz (with Ulrik Brandes)Critical Individuals in Dynamic Population Networks
Lee, SangyoonConnecticut CollegeSupervised Hybrid Expression Control Framework for a Lifelike Affective Avatar
Nam, SungwonSensory TechnologiesMulti-User Centered Resource Scheduling for Large Scale Display Wall Environments
Petullo, W MichaelUnited States Military AcademyRethinking Operating System Interfaces to Support Robust Network Applications
Shi, XiaoxiaoMorgan StanleyHeterogeneous Learning and Its Applications
Tantipathananandh, ChayantGoogleDetecting and Tracking Communities in Social Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Zhao, YuchenSumo LogicMining Large Graphs



NameCompanyThesis Title
Franzini, SimoneARRISSpeech Recognition by Indexing and Sequencing
Szczurek, PiotrLewis UniversityA Platform for Estimating the Relevance of Information in VANET Applications
Xie, YanOracleScalable Mining of Large Graphs and Its Applications
Xu, BoHereQuery Processing in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Anand, AnushkaTableau SoftwareVisual Pattern Detection in High-dimensional Spaces
Dong, FeiYahoo!, CAAutomated Interference of Shilling Behavior in Online Auction Systems
Zhang, LeiAdobeAspect and Entity Extraction from Opinion Documents



NameCompanyThesis Title
Gjomemo, RigelDept. of Computer Science, UICAn Inter-Operation Framework for Context-Aware Access Control
Sun, YiwenMicrosoftArticulate: Creating Meaningful Visualizations From Natural Language



NameCompanyThesis Title
Booth, JoelSprout Social, ChicagoModeling and Querying Multimodal Urban Transportation Networks
Haran, JamesNorthern Trust BankVehicular Ad Hoc Network Microsimulation System for Transportation, Wireless, and Traveler Behavior



NameCompanyThesis Title
Al-Masalha, FadiDept. of CS, The Applied Science Private University, Amman, JordanFast Encryption Techniques for Multimedia Contents
Bisth, PrithviDept. of Computer Science, UICImproving Web Security by Automated Extraction of Web Application Intent
Chen, JiaAmazon.comGenomic CIS-Regulatory Map Mining
Chen, Yu-ChengPixar Animation StudiosImmersive Empathic Design for Interdisciplinary Collaborations
Grigore, LiviuKnight Capital Group, Jersey City, NJEnhancing the Reliability of Concurrent Systems Using Supervisory Control
Jagodic, RatkoIntel Corp.Collaborative Interaction and Display Space Organization in Large High-Resolution Environments
Lahiri, MayankFacebookMeasuring and Mining Dynamic Networks
Maiya, ArunInstitute of Defense Analyses (IDA)Sampling and Inference in Complex Networks
Xiao, LinYoung Basile, Troy, MILocation-Integrated Indexing and Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhang, ShaojieMicrosoftVirtual Exercise Architecture for People with Lower Body Disabilities Using Virtual Reality Technologies



NameCompanyThesis Title
Vafaee, FatemehUniversity of Toronto 



NameCompanyThesis Title
Li, JuzhengYahoo!Local Sampling and Remote Sensing of Sensor Fields Data Using Mobile Devices
Ter Louw, MichaelLGS Innovations, Bell LabsTowards Safer Rendering of Untrusted Third-Party Content in Existing Browsers
Wang, HaishengAccentureSupervisory Control of Time Petri Nets Using Net Unfoldings



NameCompanyThesis Title
Ding, XiaowenThe Find Inc.Opinion and Entity Mining on Web Content
Dragut, EduardPurdue University, West Lafayette, INA Framework for Transparently Accessing Deep Web Sources
Jindal, NitinGoogleReview Spam and Reviewer Behavior Analysis
Luican, IlieAmerican International Radio, Rolling Meadows, ILEnergy-Aware Memory Allocation Framework for Embedded Data-Intensive Signal Processing Applications
Tata, SwatiAdvantech Solutions, Arlington Heights, ILSongRecommend: Music Recommendation System with Fine-Grained Song Reviews



NameCompanyThesis Title
Langlois, MarinaStern College of Yeshiva UniversityKnowledge Representation and Related Programs
Liang, ShunEpic Systems, Madison, WIDesign and Validation of a High Performance Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis Simulator
Williams, ChadMCS Dept., Bemidji State University (Bemidji, MNA Data Mining Approach to Rapidly Learning Traveler Activity Patterns for Mobile Applications



NameCompanyThesis Title
Kersey, CynthiaLewis University, Romeoville, ILKnowledge Co-Construction and Initiative in Peer Learning Interactions
Sheikh, Saad InaamLIX, École Polytechnique, FranceCombinatorial Methods in Kinship Analysis



NameCompanyThesis Title
Fossati, DavideCarnegie Mellon UniversityAutomatic Modeling of Procedural Knowledge and Feedback Generation in a Computer Science Tutoring System
Mao, YongThe Find Inc. (Ebay)FastPara and PeerRin: Two Systems in Support Data Parallel Computing
Vishwanath, VenkatramArgonne National LaboratoryLambdaRAM: A High-Performance, Multi-Dimensional, Distributed Cache Over Ultra High-Speed Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Jeong, Byungil Visualcasting-Scalable Real-Time Image Distribution in Ultra-High Resolution Display Environments



NameCompanyThesis Title
Chen, GuanraoVerizon Telecom, Inc., Waltcham, MAExploring Topologies of Genetic Networks for Better Reconstruction
Kooima, RobertLouisiana State UniversityPlanetary-scale Terrain Composition
Subba, Rajen Discourse Parsing:  A Relational Learning Approach
Tian, ShouruiNautilus Capital LLCQuerying Sensor Networks Using Ad-Hoc Mobile Devices: A Two Layer Networking Approach



NameCompanyThesis Title
Kim, Hosung Physically-Coupled Replication and Resynthesis
Manigandan, RadhakrishnanVM Ware Inc., Palo Alto, CAKernelsec: An Adaptive Authorization Model for an Operating System Kernel
Zhang, WeiMicrosoft, Redmond, WAOpinion Retrieval and Classification in Blogs
Zhang, Yi

Google now (per advisor 1/29/16)

Yahoo, Inc.

Automatic Extraction of Outbreak Information from News
Zhou, WeiIngenuity Systems, Redwood City, CAKnowledge-Intensive Conceptual Retrieval of Biomedical Literature



NameCompanyThesis Title
Fan, PengMicrosoft, Redmond, WADesign and Analysis of Clustering Framework in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Luo, XunMotorola, Inc.PACE: A Framework for Personalized Visualization and Scalable Human Computer Interaction
Sunna, WilliamCompact Solutions LLC, Oakbrook, ILMulti-Layered Approach to Aligning Heterogeneous Ontologies
Zhang, ZhiguoYahoo! Sunnyvale, CAEnergy-Efficient Query-Informed Routing for Query Processing in Sensor Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Hill, AlexNorthwestern UniversityWITHINDOWS:  A Unified Framework for the Development of Desktop and Immersive User Interfaces
Lian,, Inc.A Component-Based Multi-Agent System Modeling Methodology
Yu, Zhenwei An Adaptive Automatically Tuning Intrusion Detection System.
Zhang, ChongFactSet, Chicago, ILOptiStore: An On-Demand Data Processing Middleware for Very Large-Scale Interactive Visualization



NameCompanyThesis Title
Lu, XinNorth Side Inc., Montreal, CanadaExpert Tutoring and Natural Language Feedback in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Paterka, ThomasArgonneDynallax: Dynamic Parallax Barrier Autostereoscopic Display
Zhu, HongweiARM, Inc., SunnyvaleComputation of the Minimum Data Storage fro Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing Systems


NameCompanyThesis Title
Ge, JinghuaLouisiana State UniversityA Point-Based Remote Visualization Pipeline for Large-Scale Virtual Reality
Zhou,, SeattleExploiting Commutativity and Symmetry in Model Checking


NameCompanyThesis Title
He, Ding (Eric)Sun MicrosystemsAR-PIN/PDC: Flexible Advance Reservation of Intradomain and Interdomain Lightpaths
Jariwala, DevangIntelMechanisms for Tighter Integration of Placement Routing
Li, XinMicrosoftMining Community Structure of Named Entities from Free Text
Wu, Bin Search and Caching Mechanisms for Web and Peer-to-Peer Networks
Xiao, HuiyongMicrosoft, Redmond, WAQuery Processing for Heterogeneous Data Integration Using Ontologies
Xie, ZhuliMotorolaMachine Learning in Automatic Text Summarization: From Extracting to Abstracting


NameCompanyThesis Title
Cao, HuMicrosoftMovement Data Management
Hu, Minqing

Teradata now (per advisor 1/29/16)

Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Feature-Based Opinion Analysis and Summarization
Li, XinPaypal/Ebay, San Jose, CA 
Liu, FangMicrosoft, Redmond, WAUnstructured Search on Structured Databases
Liu,, NJImprove Text Retrieval Effectiveness and Robustness
Sieka, BartlomiejOwn IT co., www.semihalf.comSecurity and Monitoring in Ad-HOc and Peet-to-Peer Networks
Zhai, YanhongMicrosoft, Redmond, WAStructured Data Extraction from the Web
Zhao, Kaidi

Micorosoft now (per advisor 1/29/16)

Motorola, Schaumburg

Opportunity Map – A Visualization Framework for Fast Identification of Actionable Knowledge


NameCompanyThesis Title
Maruvada, SaratMicrosoft, Redmond, WATopological Placement with Symmetry Constraints for Analog Layout Design
Yin, HuabeiVerizonManaging Uncertainty and Imprecision in Spatio-Temporal Databases



NameCompanyThesis Title
Chandra, PunitSiemensRun-Time Predicate Monitoring for Distributed Systems
Gu, YunhongNCDM, UICUDT: A High Performance Data Transport Protocol
Ma, LuNCR CorporationA Formal Framework of a Secure Mobile Agent System Based on Extended Elementary  Object System



NameCompanyThesis Title
Doshi, PrashantUniversity of GeorgiaOptimal Sequential Planning in Partially Observable Multiagent Settings.
Hu, ZhaoxiaMorningStarGenerating Net-Based Models from UML Diagrams to Support Design Simulation and Analysis
Xiong, ChaoyueSun MicrosystemsProtocol Modeling, Analysis and Design Using Fuzzy-Timing High-Level Petri Nets



NameCompanyThesis Title
Kirbas, CemilWallace-Kettering Neuroscience Institute, Kettering, OH & Internal Medicine Dept., School of Medicine, Wright State Univ., Dayton, OHExtraction and Analysis of the Neurovascular Scaffold in Multimodal Images



NameCompanyThesis Title
Girado, JavierQualcomm, San Diego, CAReal-Time 2D Head Position Tracker System with Stereo Cameras Using a Face Recognition Neural Network



NameCompanyThesis Title
Hrkic, MilosRouting & Signal Integrity Group, IBM Microelectronics – EDA, New YorkTree Optimization and Synthesis Techniques with Applications in Automated Design of Integrated Circuits
Reagan, Bryan Efficient Implementation of Partial Integrated Network Barriers


NameCompanyThesis Title
Kadluczka, MarcinExava Inc, Mountain View, CASearching for General Metaheuristic for Optimization Problems and Knowledge Management


NameCompanyThesis Title
Cho, Yong JooSangmyung University, KoreaA Layered Architecture Supporting the Collaborative Design of Virtual Environments for Science Inquiry
Kao, Ben

Acquiremedia, Roseland, NJ (old)

Ask Jeeves, NJ (new)

Learning Algorithms For Large Datasets
Park, Kyoung ShinInformation and Communications University, KoreaEnhancing Cooperative Work In Amplified Collaboration Environments
Timm, KarlGE Medical systemsReal-Time View Morphing of Video Streams



NameCompanyThesis Title
Murthy, ThribhuvanaTrueScope Technologies Inc., Naperville, ILA Quality-Centric Approach to Identify and Integrate Legacy Assests Into a Platform Architecture



NameCompanyThesis Title
Xu, HaipingDept. of Comp. & Info. Science, Univ. of Massachusetts, DartmouthA Model-Based Approach For Development of Multi-Agent Software Systems
Zhou, ChiMotorola LaboratoriesGene Expression Programming and Rule Induction for Domain Knowledge Discover and Management



NameCompanyThesis Title
Cai, Lie Agent Based Requirements Evolution Over the Internet
Harinath, SivakumarMicrosoftData Management Support for Distributed Data Mining of Large Data Sets Over High Speed Area Networks
Trajcevski, GoceMCC Elect & Computer Engg, Northwestern Univ., Chicago, ILManaging Moving Objects Databases With Uncertainty
Zhao, Hui A Fuzzy Rule-Based Enhancement on Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks



NameCompanyThesis Title
Huang, JaneDept. of CTI, DePaul UniversityRobust Requirements Traceability for Handling Evolutionary and Speculative Change



NameCompanyThesis Title
Aslandogan, YukselU. of Texas at Arlington (old)Content Based Image Retrieval Using Evidence Combination
Barnes, CraigVisualytics, Naperville, ILHyperprogrammed Agent for Virtual Environments
Pape, DavidDepartment of Media Study, Univ. of BuffaloYgdrasil: Composing Networked Vitual Environments



NameCompanyThesis Title
Xie, Xiande Design Support for State-Based Distributed Object Software
Zhang, Jia Formalizationof Application Development for Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Zhou, Yi Modeling and Analysis of Networked Real-Time Systems via Fuzzy-Timing Petri Nets



NameCompanyThesis Title
Hur, Sung WooDong-A University, Puson, KoreaHybrid Techniques For Standard Cell Placement
Kim, Seongwoon I-cube: An Architecture-driven Component-based Software Development Methodology
Neumann, PaulThe Simulation Group, Massachusetts General HospitalVirtual Reality Vitrectomy Simulator
Messerges, ThomasMotorola LabsPower Analysis Attacks and Countermeasures for Cryptographic Algorithms