All College of Engineering undergraduate students are required to be advised before they are able to register for classes each semester, the ‘advising hold’ will not be removed until you are advised. In Fall and Spring you will receive an email from the department or your advisor about advising sign-up and advising appointments. You should complete this before registration becomes available in the 11th week.

  1. Check who your CS advisor is on the CS Undergraduate Advisor List. If your advisor is listed as "New CS student", see additional instructions in "New CS student" Advising tab below.
  2. Check your advisor's office and the method of advising sign-up s/he uses. If electronic, expect and check for an email soon from them with sign-up instructions. If by paper, visit your advisor's office to sign-up - they will post a sign-up outside their door. If you do not hear from them by early 9th week (week of March 12th for Spring 2018), email them directly.
  3. Sign-up for advising; generate your DARS report; plan your schedule for Fall &/or Summer; and make a list of any questions/concerns you want to discuss with your advisor during advising.
  4. Arrive on time to your advising appointment with your DARS report, tentative schedule for next semester and any questions you have.
  5. At advising expect to: discuss your current progress; schedule for the next semester; address any questions/concerns and fill out the advising form provided by your advisor at your appointment.
  6. After your advisor signs the form, bring it to the CS Student Affairs Office (SEO 905) for processing.
  7. Check your account to see when you can register and register!

In your first semester as a CS student, your advisor will be listed as "New CS student".

  1. If you are new to UIC, you will be given an overview of what DARS reports are in your ENGR 100 class.
  2. Check for an email from 'ugrad @' the 9th week of the semester (week of March 12th for Spring 2018) for instructions on advising sign-up.
  3. Sign up for an individual advising appointment, make sure to note your appointment date and time.
  4. Show up to the break out rooms (inside CS Lounge, SEL 2268) during your appointment with your DARS report printed or pulled up on your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your advisor went on leave or is no longer advising. If your advisor went on leave you will be switched back when they return.

See “New CS student” tab above

Send your advisor an email directly or visit them during their office hours.  If you don’t hear back from them, stop by or email the CS Student Affairs office (SEO 905) – ‘ugrad @’

No, you are assigned a particular faculty member and are expected to see him/her.

Check to make sure the hold is a college advising hold. If the college advising hold is still in place 2 business days after submitting your forms to SEO 905, bring your white copy to SEO 905.

Contact your advisor to reschedule. Appointment availability will be up to the advisors discretion after the designated advising period.