Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf’s Wildbook project had the honor of being featured on the Bing search engine homepage on August 14th. With over a billion searches worldwide every month on Bing, being featured on the Bing landing page really helped Wildbook to receive a ton of exposure for all of the incredible and amazing work they do.

The featured image was of a Grevy’s zebra, which is endangered, and a focus of Wildbook’s efforts to help conserve the population of endangered species throughout the world. Wilbook’s approach to using AI and crowd-sourced photography has helped to identify and take a more accurate census of thousands of endangered species including giraffes, elephants and whale sharks, among others. Wildbook is a part of Wild Me, an established non-profit which Berger-Wolf oversees with her team of conservation enthusiasts.

In addition to having a featured image and prominent placement at the top of Bing’s homepage, there was a three question quiz to test your zebra knowledge. Wildbook’s connection with Bing stems from Bing’s parent company Microsoft.  Microsoft recently announced Wild Me as one of their five featured projects for it’s AI for Earth initiative, including a $50 million commitment toward utilizing AI to help protect the planet and its inhabitants.


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Tom Cicero

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