• Ph.D. 8/2012 ~

    Computer Science

    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • B.E.9/2008 ~ 6/2012

    Software Engineering

    Zhejiang University



  • Research Intern 6/2014 ~ 8/2014

    Personalized Learning Applications

    HP Labs, Palo Alto

  • Exchange Student 9/2011 ~ 12/2011

    Computer Science

    University of California, Davis

  • Research Intern 7/2011 ~ 9/2011

    Data and Information System

    Pohang University of Science and Technology


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OnlineCM: Real-time Consensus Maximization with Missing Values

Bowen Dong, Sihong Xie, Jing Gao, Wei Fan, Philip S. Yu
Conference PapersIn Proceedings of the 15th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM '15), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Apr. 30-May 2, 2015. [paper] [slides] [poster]


Combining predictions from multiple sources or models has been shown to be a useful technique in data mining. For example, in network anomaly detection, multiple detectors’ output have to be combined to obtain the diagnostic decisions. Unfortunately, as data are generated at an increasingly high speed, existing prediction aggregation methods are facing new challenges. First, the high velocity and volume of the data render existing batch mode prediction aggregation algorithms infeasible. Second, due to the heterogeneity, predictions from multiple models or data sources might not be perfectly synchronized, leading to abundant miss- ing values in the prediction stream. We propose OnlineCM, short for Online Consensus Maximization, to address the above challenges. OnlineCM keeps only a minimal yet sufficient footprint for both consensus prediction and missing value imputation over the prediction stream. In particular, we show that the correlations among base models or data sources are sufficient for effective consensus prediction, require small storage and can be updated in an online fashion. Further, we identify a reinforcing relationship between missing value imputation and the consensus predictions, leading to a novel consensus-based missing values imputation method, which in turn makes model correlation estimation more accurate. Experiments demonstrates that OnlineCM achieves aggregated predictions that has close performance to the batch mode consensus maximization algorithm, and outperforms baseline methods significantly in large real world datasets.

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The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

—— Abraham Lincoln


5/7/2015: My Google Scholar profile is public now.

4/30/2015: Give the spotlight and poster presentation in SDM 2015 @ Vancouver, BC.

12/24/2014: One paper is accepted by SDM 2015!

8/16/2014: Finish my internship at HP Labs and back to school! A patent and a demo paper are in preparation.

7/31/2014: My work Mining Online Reading Behavior Patterns is presented in Summer Intern Poster Fair @ HP Labs!

6/9/2014: Start my first venture in silicon valley!

5/19/2014: I will go to HP Labs @ Palo Alto for summer internship!

5/9/2014: Finished Spring 2014, my 4th semester at UIC!

4/10/2014: The new version of personal webpage is released, with better user interface and more fancy functions!

3/19/2014: Finished my Ph.D. qualifier exam!

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Teaching History

Last updated on 12/24/2014

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Honor is nothing without victory.

—— Subutai

  • 2014
    MLSS'2014 Scholarship
    The scholarship for 2014 Machine Learning Summer School held at Pittsburgh.
  • 2012, 2010
    Third-Class Prize of ACM Programming Contest
    ACM Programming Contest is a multi-tiered competitive programming competition aiming at solving computer algorithm problems in teams with time limitation. Zhejiang University holds the school-wide competition once a year. I participated in 2010 and 2012 and was both ranked as a third-class prize winner.
  • 2010
    Scholarship for Outstanding Merits and Students
    Scholarship for Outstanding Merits and Students was granted by Zhejiang University, designed to present the students who have excellent academic performance.
  • 2010
    Prize of the National Talents Training Base
    Prize of the National Talents Training Base was granted by Zhejiang University, designed to present students with outstanding performance in Software Engineering National Talents Training Base.
  • 2010, 2009
    Outstanding Student Leader Awards
    Outstanding Student Leader Awards was granted by Zhejiang University, designed to present students with outstanding performance during student leader work. I worked as the president of my undergraduate class from 2008 to 2012.
  • 2009
    Excellent Social Work Scholarship
    Excellent Social Work Scholarship was granted by Zhejiang University, designed to present the students who have outstanding performance in social practice activities. I organized a group to investigate land ownership in rural area of modern China during summer 2009.

Professional Service

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

—— Rabindranath Tagore

  • 2014, 2013
    External Reviewer for TKDD
    The Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) is part of the family of journals produced by the ACM.
  • 2013
    External Reviewer for KDD
    The annual ACM Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD) is the premier international forum for data mining and big data researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to share their ideas, research results and experiences.

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China (18 provinces)

United States (20 states)

World (7 countries)

Reading List


《人类的群星闪耀时》 -- Stefan Zweig, 三联书店, (reading)

《从黎明到衰落:西方文化生活五百年》 -- Jacques Barzun, 中信出版社, (reading)

《李太白全集》 -- [清]王琦 注, 中华书局, (reading)

1453: The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West, Roger Crowley, (reading)

The Computer and the Brain -- John von Neumann

《文明之光》第3册 -- 吴军, 人民邮电出版社

《續資治通鑑》第一冊 -- [清]畢沅 撰, 中華書局

《資治通鑑》第十七至第二十冊 -- [宋]司馬光 等 撰, [元]胡三省 音注, 中華書局

New York Institute of Photography: The Textbook


《浪潮之巅》上册 -- 吴军, 人民邮电出版社

《百年孤独》 -- Gabriel García Márquez, 南海出版公司

A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century -- L. S. Stavrianos, Kindle version

《文明之光》第1-2册 -- 吴军, 人民邮电出版社

《罗马帝国衰亡史》(节译本) -- Edward Gibbon, 商务印书馆

《資治通鑑》第十三冊至第十六冊 -- [宋]司馬光 等 撰, [元]胡三省 音注, 中華書局

《梦的解析》 -- Sigmund Freud, 中华书局

《像外行一样思考,像专家一样实践》 -- [日]金出武雄, 电子工业出版社

《何以中国 -- 公元前2000年的中原图景》 -- 许宏, 三联书店

Lonely Planet: Mexico -- John Noble, Kate Armstrong, Stuart Butler

Lonely Planet: Guatemala -- Lucas Vidgen, Daniel C Schechter


A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones -- George R. R. Martin, Kindle version

《中国书法笔力分析》 -- 张伯荣, 齐鲁书社

《資治通鑑》第九至第十二冊 -- [宋]司馬光 等 撰, [元]胡三省 音注, 中華書局

《中国建筑史》 -- 梁思成, Kindle version


《昭明文選》第三冊 -- [梁]蕭統 編, [唐]李善 注, 上海古籍出版社

《数理统计学简史》 -- 陈希孺, Kindle Version

《蛙》 -- 莫言, 上海文艺出版社

《射雕英雄传》1-4册 -- 金庸, Kindle version

Fifty Years in China -- John Leighton Stuart, 中央编译出版社

《数学之美》 -- 吴军, Kindle version

《資治通鑑》第五至第八冊 -- [宋]司馬光 等 撰, [元]胡三省 音注, 中華書局

《赫逊河畔谈中国历史》 -- Ray Huang, Kindle version


《西方哲学史》(上) -- Bertrand Russell, 商务印书馆

Surreal Numbers -- Donald E. Knuth, 电子工业出版社

《草原帝国》 -- René Grousset, 商务印书馆

《社会契约论》 -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 商务印书馆

《万历十五年》 -- Ray Huang, 三联书店

《資治通鑑》第一至第四冊 -- [宋]司馬光 等 撰, [元]胡三省 音注, 中華書局

《國家的囚徒》 -- 趙紫陽 鮑樸, 時報出版


My favorite movies in recent 5 years.











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