• SCAAMP : Security Configuration Assistant for Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is an open-source PHP tool that enables web developers (admins) to automatically audit and fix the security configuration vulnerabilities in the Apache-MySQL-PHP environment.

  • SPIF : Sensitive and Private Information Filter. An open-source Python app that filters private and sensitive information from files of various formats before publishing open data (e.g., data for Journalists, researchers). It filters credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and telephone numbers from txt, csv, docx, xlsx, xml, html, and pdf files. It is precise in locating sensitive/private information in big files by showing page number, line number, and column number etc.

  • URLFetcher : Java App to fetch page contents given a URL List. It is just one class and all it needs as input is the file containing the URL list you want to fetch and save it with your preferred file format.

  • PyCrawler : A basic Python crawler that harvests URLs and maintains crawl index based on a given set of URL seeds. The implementation is based on the algorithm in the book 'Programming Collective Intelligence' by Toby Segaran.