CS 450: Introduction to Networking

An illustration of the early ARPANET computer network.


  • The Final Exam is assigned and available! Make note that you will only have 2.5hrs after accepting the repository to take the exam. This will be strictly enforced. Do not accept, clone, or otherwise do anything that will begin the assignment on github classroom and grant you access to the files in the exam until you are ready to take the exam!. Also, this is an individual test. Do not discuss any questions, answers, or sources with any other students.

  • The Github classroom can be found here.


Meets: Thomas Beckham Hall (TBH) 180F MWF 3:00pm-3:50pm
Instructor: Brent Stephens
Reading: “Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach” by Kurose and Ross, 6th or 7th edition (link)
Office Hours: 4pm-5pm Monday
Office: SEO 1330
Discussion: CS 450 Piazza

Graduate TA: Mojtaba Malekpourshahraki
Office: TBH 175
Office Hours: 12-2pm Friday, and by request on piazza

Undergraduate TAs: Ishaan Roy
Office Hours: By request on piazza