Cynthia Bagier Taylor

Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science
University of Illinois, Chicago

Email: cynthiat AT
Office: 938 SEO
Office Hours: 2-5pm Wednesdays, or by appointment


I do research on computer science pedagogy, specifically active learning, focusing on peer instruction, and assessment using concept inventories. I am currently working on developing a concept inventory for CS2, and a web framework to support Concept Inventory development, called Conceptum.

A complete list of my publications is available here.

Slides for various conference presentations I've given are here.

CV is available here.


All course materials are on blackboard.

Fall 2016
CS 361: Computer Systems
CS 362: Computer Design

Spring 2016
CS 111: Program Design I
CS 385: Operating Systems

Fall 2015
CS 361: Computer Systems
CS 385: Operating Systems