Welcome to DasGupta's Creative Algorithms Lab

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The lab has been around since 2004. Bulk of its initial funding was provided by NSF (CAREER) grant IIS-0346973 over a five year period. Other past supporting NSF grants include DBI-0543365, CCR-0296041, CNS-020679, CCF-0208749, IIS-1160995, DBI-1062328 and CCF-1216096. Right now, the lab is funded by the following NSF grants:

  • IIS-1814931

Room 1228B SEL (West)

Our goal is to understand fundamental algorithmic complexity of problems that arise in several different interdisciplinary areas such as biology, physics, mathematics, control theory, finance and economics. We believe in free dissemination of scientific information.

For publications from our lab, see the paper repository of the lab.

For softwares, see the software repository of the lab.

Current and past PhD students:

Notable other (MS, BS, high-school etc.) students from UIC or from close to UIC that have co-authored research papers with the lab members:

We thankfully acknowledge support from all past NSF grants.