Adding Solaris user accounts

There two possible ways to follow to add new accounts: using the admintool application which is a graphical interface and using the useradd comman. Whatever way you choose to follow, some considerations always apply.

Using the admintool utility

The admintool utility is a graphical application that can be used to manage users, groups, printers, ect. You can access it from one of the menus under CDE but to be able to add users you will have to lauch it as root. So, just open a shell, become root and that execute admintool. I will not go much in detail on how to use this application because it is quite intuitive. Just remember the previous notes when you have to create an account. Also, if the user wants to use the Bash shell, select other from the relative drop down menu and enter the path of this shell (/usrlocal/bin/bash).

Using the adduser command

Let us explain this command by means of an example. Suppose you need to add a new use, whose name is Jack Frost. He will use the login santa, will receive the userid 1025, will belong to the Lab group and will use the C-shell. Depending on the machine you will have to use the following command:

Here the explanation of the parameters:


Last Revised: 24 May 2003
Riccardo Serafin